Are bed skirts in style?

Does bed skirt go under mattress?

The answer is simple: If you have a traditional mattress and box spring set – you are all set. The bed skirt is easily placed between your mattress and box spring and can be adjusted to the height of your bed.

What is a tailored bed skirt?

As one might guess, a tailored bed skirt is a specific style of bed skirt that lays flat against the frame of the bed, and does not feature any decorative ruffles or designs. Tailored bed skirts are often used by men and women who wish to present a sleek, modern image, and those who are classic or traditionalistic.

How does an adjustable bed skirt work?

A hook and loop bed skirt designed for adjustable beds will use the posts instead of tucking under the mattress. This tailored bed skirt is specifically designed to fit adjustable beds. The hook-and-loop closures allow the bed skirt to fit neatly around any support poles without the need for any cutting or tearing.

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