Are Belleville boots made in the USA?

Where is Belleville boots made?

Belleville, Illinois

For over one hundred years, Belleville Boots have produced reliable footwear for Americans of service. Manufactured in Belleville, Illinois since 1904, this brand remains one of the Department of Defense most trusted brands, providing footwear for military servicemembers since the days of World War I.

Are Belleville boots made in USA?

Belleville boots are proudly made in the USA and are designed to exceed all military requirements for footwear.

What boots are 100% made in the USA?

These are the best American made work boots I’ve personally tested and selected:

  1. Chippewa 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe American Made Work Boots.
  2. Chippewa Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up American Made Work Boots.
  3. Danner Quarry USA 8-Inch BR American Work Boots.
  4. Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6-Inch American Made Work Boots.

Who manufactures U.S. military boots?

Current manufacturers include (but are not limited to) Altama, Bates, Belleville Boot, McRae, Rocky, Warson Brands/Converse and Wellco. The US Air Force uses a sage green suede combat boot with its Airman Battle Uniform, although a tan version was authorized until 2011, when the green boot became mandatory.

Who owns Belleville boot company?

Mark Ferguson – President – Belleville Shoe Mfg Co | LinkedIn.

Is Belleville a good boot brand?

OVERALL: I’m definitely impressed with these boots. They’re tough, made of high quality materials, well designed, well manufactured, and made in the USA. Hard to ask for more out of a sub $200 boot. There’s a reason Belleville has been making boots for the military for over 100 years.

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What are Belleville boots made out of?