Can you use borax to clean concrete?

The key to properly cleaning cement is having a detergent that can cut eaily through grease and grime—borax. Also known as sodium borate, borax is an emulsifier and is very effective in removing set-in stains from cement surfaces.

What is the best chemical to clean concrete?

The Best Concrete Cleaners of 2022

  1. RMR-86 Instant Stain Remover Spray. …
  2. Sheiner’s All Purpose Floor Cleaner. …
  3. Zep Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner Concentrate. …
  4. Zep Heavy-Duty Powdered Concrete Cleaner. …
  5. Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser. …
  6. Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner. …
  7. ACT Eco Friendly Concrete Cleaner.

How do I get my concrete white again?

Apply vinegar or bleach to the discolored areas. If you use vinegar, do not dilute it. Pour it onto the concrete and scrub it into the surface with a scrub brush. If the discoloration starts to fade, repeat until it disappears completely.

How do you make homemade concrete cleaner?

What is this? Mix bleach with water and then add dishwashing detergent to the mix and put it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the cement patio, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub the mix into the concrete with a stiff brush.

What’s the best way to clean a concrete floor?

You’ll just use a mop and a bucket of water mixed with a mild cleaner. Don’t use ammonia, bleach or any highly acidic substance on polished or stamped floors. Some good cleaners include Castile soap, liquid dish detergent, stone cleaners and mild floor cleaners.

How do you clean concrete without a pressure washer?

So heavy saturation is key you should see cleaner pooling on the surface. If the surface looks dry or barely damp after a few minutes then you don't have enough cleaner and should apply another layer.

Will straight bleach harm concrete?

While bleach will not harm the concrete, it might erode a sealant or paint applied over the concrete. For example, when used to clean concrete tile grout, the bleach can corrode the sealant. Before applying to concrete, consider the effects bleach might have to whatever sealant might be on the concrete surface.

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How do I make concrete look new?

3 Ways to Make Old Concrete Look New Again

  1. Power Wash. Over time, your concrete will accumulate grime and dirt. …
  2. Resurface. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your curb appeal, resurfacing your concrete steps and driveway is a great way to start. …
  3. Add Stain or Sealing Coats. …
  4. Revive Your Old Concrete.

How do you clean old dirty concrete?

Simply fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar (or water and baking soda), and add a little bit of liquid dish detergent. Spray the mixture on your concrete surface and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then scrub and rinse your concrete.

How do you remove black stains from concrete?

  1. Sweep the concrete with a broom to remove any loose dust and dirt. …
  2. Mix 1 cup of ammonia and 1/2 gallon of warm water in a bucket. …
  3. Apply the mixture to the black stain and let it stand for 5 minutes. …
  4. Wet an old towel or shop towel with warm water from a sink.
  5. How do you clean a dirty concrete basement floor?

    Scrub especially dirty basements with a cleaning solution.

    If a concrete or concrete-block surface is especially dirty, add detergent and a quarter cup of ammonia to a bucket of warm water and brush the solution over the surface with a stiff nylon brush.

    How do you clean concrete dust off of concrete?

    The particles in concrete dust are very fine; simply vacuuming will not remove it all. Use a liquid to remove all of the dust. Dilute 12 ounces of hydrogen peroxide in 1 gallon of water and use soft cotton rags to wipe the surfaces.

    Does white vinegar clean concrete?

    White vinegar and a little scrubbing with a brush is a very effective, eco-friendly way to remove rust stains from concrete—even those that are decades old. Pour the white vinegar directly onto the stain, allow the liquid to penetrate the area for 20 minutes, and scrub with a stiff-bristled brush.

    What dissolves concrete fast?

    Quote from the video:
    Let me show you how it works super Co specialty products concrete and mortar dissolver is a non acid product that is 100% biodegradable.

    What happens when you put vinegar on concrete?

    Etching – Vinegar’s ability to dissolve CaCO3 will dull your marble, travertine, concrete and terrazzo surfaces. It may “clean” the surface but it is also dissolving pits into the finish and effectively dulling it.

    How long does vinegar stay on concrete?

    Allow the vinegar to remain on the surface for no less than five minutes. You can leave it overnight, but that is not recommended because vinegar is an acid and the longer it is left on the surface, the more of the concrete it will eat.

    How do you neutralize vinegar on concrete?

    Vinegar Stains on Concrete

    Other acid-based liquids, such as vinegar, can damage a concrete surface. If you have a white vinegar stain on concrete, use a mild detergent, warm water and a scrubbing sponge to clean the area immediately. It’s a good idea to neutralize the acid by dusting the spot with baking soda.

    Will baking soda damage concrete?

    Is it possible for baking soda to harm concrete? To remove oil off driveways, baking Soda is commonly used. It’s highly alkaline, so it won’t destroy your concrete, but it could irritate your skin and even cause burns.

    What is the white stuff on concrete?

    Efflorescence is the white powdery substance on the surfaces of unsealed concrete and the white blush seen with sealed floors. Efflorescence is caused by vapor migrating through the slab bringing soluble salts to the surface of the concrete.

    Can you use CLR on concrete?

    While CLR is generally safe and effective in removing calcium, lime and/or rust from concrete, ALWAYS spot test in an inconspicuous area first. Apply a small amount of CLR to the spot test area using a damp cloth or sponge, let sit for no longer than 2 minutes, then rinse promptly and thoroughly with clear cold water.

    How do you remove white mold from concrete?

    The best solution is to scrub and clean the affected areas with a mold-killing detergent, like RMR-86 Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, or a simple solution of household bleach and water. Be sure to scrub aggressively to get down into the pores of the concrete.

    Why is my stained concrete turning white?

    Why is my concrete turning white? Efflorescence – As the concrete dries and its moisture rises upwards through the slab, it brings salts within the concrete to the surface as well. This leaves a white sticky residue called “efflorescence” when too much moisture passes through the concrete.

    How do you make concrete look darker?

    If you want to darken the concrete color or give it a glossy appearance, apply a low-solids acrylic sealer as a final coat. The most important step with this project is to seal the concrete once the surface is clean and dry.

    Why does my concrete still look wet?

    Discoloration Caused by Efflorescence

    It continues to appear even after cleaning, and seems like a problem that never goes away. It is caused when water or moisture carries it from deep within the pores to the surface. Efflorescence is water soluble so it often disappears when rinsed away with water.

    How do you get color back in stamped concrete?


    1. Add highlights with an antiquing stain.
    2. Apply a tinted sealer.
    3. Remove old sealer, restain and reseal.
    4. Apply a product specifically designed for restoration, like Brickform Refresh or Increte Renovate.

    How do you make old stamped concrete look new?

    Wash the stamped concrete with our SealGreen Oil Cleaner Degreaser – , allow to dry then apply color stain from our color chart – , allow to dry for at least 24 hours, and seal twice with SealGreen E15 Epoxy Stamped Concrete …

    How do you get rid of white spots on stamped concrete?

    Efflorescence Salts Trapped under Sealer

    Make sure that all efflorescence is removed prior to sealing the surface. Solution: Strip off the sealer first, then use an efflorescence cleaner to remove the white residue.

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