Does echo speed feed fit Stihl?

I had been hearing a lot of good things about the Echo Speed Feed Head, so I thought I would check it out. While it is nice that Echo provided all of the nice adapters and such, for mounting the head to my trimmer, unfortunately, none of them fit my Stihl FS250R trimmer.

Will echo speed head fit Stihl?

And it says it will fit so we're going to try it out make sure when you get it make sure it's for the right shaft curved or straight and they also sell one that's just for the curved.

How do you put a echo speed feed head on a Stihl weedeater?

Quote from the video:
So that's going to pop in there and you should push it until you hear it click. After you have your insert installed you're going to set it back down in this part here of the speed feed.

Does Stihl make a speed feed trimmer head?

Stihl Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head ($41.44)

Will an Echo trimmer head fit Husqvarna trimmer?

Genuine ECHO 400 universal trimmer head part #99944200907 This part fits most strait shaft and some curved shaft models for the following brands: ECHO, Husqvarna, Red Max, Stihl, McCulloch, Homelite, Honda, Maruyama, and Jonsered.

What is the difference between speed feed 400 and 450?

The Speed-Feed® 400 is universal and includes adapters for use on both straight shaft and curved shaft models (non-bulk pack only). The Speed-Feed® 450 trimmer head is for units above 24cc. Video Player is loading.

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How do I load echo speed feed?

Quote from the video:
You simply align the arrow on the knob with the eyelet. Then feed approximately 20 feet of trimmer line through the eyelet. Be sure to line up the two lengths to ensure an even feed.

Does echo speed feed fit ego?

Yes. It will fit directly on it without any adapters. Failed to get answers.

Are Echo and Husqvarna attachments interchangeable?

Answer: It will fit “consumer-grade” husqvarna (i.e. all the cheap ones with the FEMALE socket), but the “pro grade” husqvarna models (have a star-drive MALE socket) don’t accept universal attachments.

Who makes speed feed trimmer head?

ECHO Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head.

Does echo speed feed 400?

ECHO Speed-Feed 400 is built for rugged applications where medium to heavy-duty cutting are required. The universal Speed-Feed Head – 99944200907 is compatible with ECHO SRM trimmers, as well as other brand trimmer models. … The GT version – 99944200908 will only fit ECHO GT curved shaft trimmers.

Does echo speed feed fit Kobalt?

Answer: I confirmed with Echo that this will not fit the Kobalt 80V (and probably none of the Kobalt branded trimmers). Hopefully there’s another compatible product out there as the Kobalt head is not easy to reload.