How big is a claw foot tub?

Clawfoot tub lengths range from a compact 54” to an oversized 72”, with 59” lengths most commonly purchased; widths range from 30” to 40” or more, with 32” widths especially popular (choose a wide tub if you plan on bathing a deux); and depths range from 24” to 30” or more.

How is a claw foot bath tub measured?

Many claw foot and stand-alone tubs are rounded or peaked in the center of the tub on each side, so be sure to stand in the tub itself and measure the distance from the peak on one end to the peak on the other. Measure to the outside lip of the tub to make sure you get the most accurate measurement.

Does a clawfoot tub add value to a home?

According to the survey, starter homes with claw-foot tubs sold for nearly 30% more than expected. Coffered ceilings also helped homes sell for 30% more than expected, and farmhouse sinks (thanks Joanna Gaines) helped homes sell for 26% more than expected.

How wide is a slipper tub?

How big is a slipper tub? Most slipper tubs are large for ultimate comfort, but compact tubs are also readily available. Tub measurements range in length from 30” to 80”, in width from 19” to 67”, and in depth up to 36”.

What are the dimensions of an old cast iron tub?

The most common sizes for cast iron bathtubs would be 66 inches and 72 inches. Of course if you want something smaller, they can go down to 60 inches if you have a smaller space.

What size is a standard tub?

60 inches x 32 inches

The most common bathtub installation is an alcove bath with an overall size of 60 inches x 32 inches. Standard tubs usually have external measurements around 60 inches long, 30 inches wide and 14 to 16 inches high.

How much does a claw foot tub weigh?

between 200 and 400 pounds

Tubs are heavy!

A clawfoot tub can be made from acrylic, but a classic clawfoot tub is made of cast iron with a porcelain finish. An empty cast iron tub can weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. Add water and the weight on the floor will increase to between 500 and 900 pounds.

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How much does it cost to install a clawfoot bathtub?

The national average cost range is $2,300 to $4,100 for an installed clawfoot tub. Most homeowners pay $2,850 for an installed cast iron, roll top tub.

Clawfoot Tub Installation Cost.

Clawfoot Tub Prices
National average cost $2,850
Average range $2,300-$4,100
Minimum cost $900
Maximum cost $5,800

How much does it cost to refinish a clawfoot tub?

Resurfacing a clawfoot tub ranges from $500 to $1,200. If you need to refinish the outside as well as the inside, you’ll pay closer to $1,200. Most clawfoot styles have a porcelain layer on the inside of the tub and exposed cast iron on the outside, which makes them a good candidate for reglazing.

Is a cast iron bathtub better?

What is a Cast Iron Bathtub? While all bathtubs’ lifespans can vary, cast iron tubs are well-known for their durability, lifespan, and ability to retain heat better than any other tub.

How long does a cast iron tub last?

15 to 20 years

Miracle Method, like many refinishing companies, offers a five-year warranty. But says Diane Robbins, co-owner of the franchise that resurfaced Jackie’s tub, with proper care and maintenance (nonabrasive and bleach-free cleaners only), a refinished cast-iron tub surface should last 15 to 20 years.

What does a cast iron bathtub weigh?

between 300 and 500 pounds

Cast iron tubs can weigh between 300 and 500 pounds, whereas enameled steel tubs tend to be around 75 pounds—which is comparable with acrylic tubs. That’s why cast iron tubs tend to require extra floor supports.

Is a cast iron tub worth keeping?

if it’s in good condition, keep it. cast iron tubs are wonderful, and hold up better than the acrylic tubs that you can get now. they hold heat better too, if you want to soak.

Can my floor support a cast iron tub?

Both floor systems are normally strong enough to support the weight of a cast-iron bath filled with water, and a person. If you’re concerned about the strength of the floor you could ask a professional to check and reinforce it for you.

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How much does a 1950 cast iron tub weigh?

Cast iron bathtubs typically weigh between 240 and 500 pounds; however, the actual weight depends on the size and type of bathtub. What is this? Alcove cast iron bathtubs are usually 60 inches long, hold 32 gallons of water, and weigh 320 pounds on average.

Can my second floor support a tub?

In general, unless there is something wrong with the joist spacing or the wood has rotted, the framing in most houses should be able to support a standard size cast iron tub with no problem.

How much does a tub full of water weigh?

According to bathtub-maker Badeloft USA, the smallest tubs tend to only have about 40-gallon capacity, but the standard tub size in your average home is the 60-inch long variety. These tend to be around 80-gallon capacity if the tub is on the deeper side. That’s roughly 670 pounds for water alone.

Are cast iron tubs still made?

Enameled cast iron tubs have been in use practically since the advent of modern plumbing. Today, these tubs are still popular due to their timeless appearance, excellent durability, and easy maintenance.

How can I tell if my tub is steel or cast iron?

1) Remove the overflow cover and popup lever from the head end of the tub and look at the edge of the hole. You should see black cast iron or bright steel. Also, if you remove the overflow cover, the material between it and the plumbing will be about 1/4 ” thick if it is cast iron. 1/16″ if it is steel.

What does a cast iron tub look like?

A cast iron tub will sound like a deep gong, just as if you hit a cast iron frying pan. Look at the bottom of the tub if possible. A cast iron tub will be black, and a steel tub will be metallic, although it may be covered with a layer of paint. An acrylic tub will look like coated plastic.

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Can a cast iron tub crack?

Though seemingly impervious to damage — considering they weigh between 300 and 500 pounds — cast iron tubs can crack with age. Because the cost of replacing a cast iron tub can run into the thousands of dollars, it makes sense to try to repair the crack before hauling your old tub off to the dump.

How do you fix a chip in a cast iron tub?

Simply fill any deep holes chips or imperfections in the tub surface. For leveling low areas in the tub. Use the SP 31 air drive filler by lightly rubbing the filler over the low and pitted.

Can a cast iron tub be welded?

Quote from the video:
You don't need to be a pro to weld cast iron anyone with a buzz box and a welder's helmet can make these repairs.

How do you fix a crack in a cast iron tub?

Use of Epoxy Putty to Repair Cracked Cast Iron

  1. First, buy epoxy putties such as Quick Steel or JB Weld at your local hardware store. …
  2. Using 80-grit sandpaper, sand the cast iron to remove any paint and rust that might be covering the crack. …
  3. Using a rag, water, and soap, thoroughly clean the cracks and the surface area.

Can cast iron be welded back together?

It is possible to weld cast iron, but it needs to be done using the correct techniques and with care to avoid cracking. Most welding methods require the surface of the material to be cleaned and cast iron benefits from pre and post-weld heating as well as careful cooling.

Can cast iron be welded or brazed?

Cast iron is used for water pipes, machine tool castings, transmission housing, engine blocks, pistons, stove castings, etc. The metal can be brazed or bronze welded, gas and arc welded, hardened, or machined. In terms of limitations, the cast iron must be preheated prior to welding. It cannot be worked cold.