How do I protect my plumeria in the winter?

What is the coldest temperature a plumeria can take?


Plumeria Temperature Tolerance

The lowest temperature it can handle is 32°F, but only for short periods of time. Though it can take some light frost, a hard freeze will kill a small plant, or severely damage a large tree.

How do I protect my plumeria from a cold?

Quote from the video:
And one of the best insulators for plumerias during the cold weather is newspaper just gather up some newspaper. And wrap it around the actual stem of the plant.

Should I cover my plumeria?

You may also want to cover your Plumerias with a blanket, sheets, or frost cloth (something breathable – not plastic). The trapped air will stay warmer and protect the plant. Remember to remove the blanket during the day if it gets over 40 degrees F. You can leave the frost cloth on day and night.

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