How do you get jewelry out of a bathtub drain?

How do you get something that fell down the bathtub drain?

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Try dangling a magnet down the drain with a string or using a magnetic screwdriver.

How do you get jewelry out of the shower drain?

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Remove the drain stop or pop-up stopper insane for costume jewelry or other small metal objects extend the magnet on the lighted screwdriver into the drain. Until it hits the bottom of the trap.

Can you get a ring out of the bathtub drain?

But if the ring falls down the drain in a shower or a bathtub the problem is compounded simply because you can’t get to those pipes so easily or at all. Yes, you can call a plumber to retrieve that wedding ring, or engagement ring or whatever other piece of jewelry may have fallen down the drain.

Can you retrieve jewelry down the drain?

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Slowly lower the trap and drain the water from the pipe. Keep in mind this part of the drain can hold some pretty nasty residue but it may hold your jewelry. So it's worth it.

How do you get diamond earrings out of a shower drain?

Vacuum. If you can’t see the jewelry, you can try sucking it out of the drain with a wet-dry vacuum. Turn the vacuum on using the wet setting, and insert the open end of the hose into the shower drain until it reaches the bottom. With the vacuum still running, remove the hose, holding it straight up in the air.

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