How do you make a Euro pleat drapery?

How do you make Euro pleats?

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You want to pull that out. And then turn and stitch up. And down this way. And be sure to backstitch because there is going to be a little pressure right there on that seam.

How do you make two fold French pleat curtains?

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It's really simple to form a double pleat. All you have to do late then squash it back down and where you pinched it at the top it's just made a little mark.

How do you make French pleat curtains?

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By hand into a traditional French pleat. And first part of the cleat pairing process is to join those two together and pin. Bring the next coat. Together. And pin once we form the pleats.

What are Euro pleated drapes?

Euro Pleat Drapes, also known as Top Tack Pleats are recognized by the tack at the top of a three-fold pleat which allows the fabric to cascade beautifully to the floor. Unlike the Fan Pleat, Each Euro Pleat is finished with stitching along both sides of the pleat for better definition.

How do you calculate the number of pleats?

Tally the number of pleats that will be on the window curtain. For example, there can be six pleats. Divide the window length by the number of pleats, then calculate how big you’d like the pleat to be. Add another few inches for the fold of the pleat.

How far apart should pleats be on drapes?

Standard spacing is 5 pleats per 54” fabric width, however can be adjusted to accommodate different fullness levels.

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What is the difference between French pleat and pinch pleat?

pinch pleat is the same as French pleat. Two prong pleats are good for showing off a patterned fabric and using more drapery rings. Grommets are casual and more modern. The metal of the grommet accents other aspects of your decor.

What is a Parisian pleat?

Parisian Pleat

A Parisian Pleat also known as the Euro Pleat is quickly becoming a popular choice with our clients since it has a more modern sleek looking finish. Similar in style to the French, the Parisian is simply pinched at the very top. The Parisian pleated headers allow drapes to flow with elegant ease.

How do you make pinch pleat sheer curtains?

Although you can measure and stitch individual pleats across the upper edge of a sheer curtain panel, the easiest way to make pinch-pleated sheers is to sew on lightweight pleater tape, available at fabric and decorating stores. Use drapery pleat hooks in the pockets that are woven into the tape.

What is a French pleat drapery?

The French pleat is a classic drapery heading also known as the three-finger pleat. According to the Home By Eva website, the French pleat creates a sleek header for a curtain that controls fullness while allowing the curtain full functionality.

How do you make cartridge pleats?

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So I did them in sections. Just how I sectioned them off before. This next part is time to connect it to the bodice. So but first I'll show you how I pull all the cartridge pleats together.

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What is a Europleat?

A Euro pleat curtain has pleats that are pinched at the top, but open on the bottom. Like with a pinch pleat, you can have a double or triple Euro pleat (I wanted a triple Euro pleat).

How do you make pleat curtains?

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Be sure to follow the care instructions on the fabric to edge. Fold the top edge of the curtain down about ten centimeters. All the width of your pleat tape. Press fold it down again and press.

Which pleats use less fabric?

Two-Pinch Pleats

They use less fabric their traditional counterpart, the three-pinch pleat, while offering the same control when opening and closing the draperies.