How do you make beaded curtain tiebacks?

How do you make curtain tiebacks?

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You just straighten the rope out and cut two 24 inch lengths of the rope. This is where these heavy duty crafting shears really come in handy since they have a serrated blade edge.

How do you make drapery tassels?

Step 1: Form each tassel by wrapping white twine around a piece of cardboard. Slide the loop of twine off the cardboard. Step 2: Tie another piece of twine around one end of the loop to hold strands together and provide an anchor for the fishing line. Step 3: Cut opposite end of the loop of twine to form the tassel.

How do you make jute curtain tiebacks?

Fold three feet of jute rope together, leaving two inches longer on one side. Rotate both ends in the same direction for an easy twist. Wrap the non-loop end with strong tape and trim the remainder of the shorter side. Then loop the longer rope around and tape again to make a loop.

How do you make macrame curtain tiebacks?

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Then we're going to form a loop by wrapping the ends around three fingers and leaving about a centimeter spare next we're going to pick up one of the short pieces of rope that we cut in step. Two.

How do I edge my curtains?

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First we're going to sew a simple seam along where the existing hem is because if you saw it at the very bottom then you're going to have a seam two inches above where you added the fabric.

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How do you tie a macrame knot?

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Way. You put this one over top of that underneath your two middle chords. And pull it out that little pocket on the other side. And then pull this all the way up and that is the square knot.

How do you make a macrame bag?

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20 single strand strings onto there and these are each 12 feet long okay or else about for myself because I'm go 5 4 about 2 wing spans and then like a third.