How do you set up a Rainbow vacuum?

How do you assemble a Rainbow vacuum?

Quote from the video:
First you take it out of the box. And you're gonna have the top part in the bottom. Make sure latches off one on each side one there one here. The filled line is up to the knob in the center.

Do you have to put water in a Rainbow vacuum?

The water is the fluid which traps every dust and dirt particles that come into the Rainbow, Running your Rainbow without water allows all these particles pass into the Rainbow internal parts, and also clogging your HEPA filter, which is designed to be a backup filter to work together with the water.

How do you use a Rainbow vacuum?

Using a Rainbow Vacuum

  1. Fill the water basin with water. You can add a fragrance if you wish, to make the area you are cleaning smell fresher.
  2. Assemble the vacuum. Attach the motor section to the water basin and assemble the vacuum hose. …
  3. Plug the vacuum in, turn it on, and vacuum.

Why is my Rainbow vacuum not suctioning?

Look for any dirt that could have impeded the suction. If your unit has a rotating brush, remove it to gain better access to the opening. Also, always check the point where the hose and vacuum connect. A loose connection here will compromise the airflow and reduce the suction.

What model is my Rainbow vacuum?

The Rainbow serial number has two parts. The number on the top is the actual Manufacture Serial Number of your Rainbow while the 3 numbers on the bottom are the Manufacture Date.

How do you put together a vacuum cleaner?

Quote from the video:
Turn it clockwise to lock into place wrap the rest of the hose up and around the hose wrap on the handle. And slide the end of the hose into the vacuum base on the right side.

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How do you shampoo with a Rainbow vacuum?

How to Shampoo With a Rainbow Vacuum

  1. Step 1: Prep the Carpet. …
  2. Step 2: Transfer the Rainbow Wand from the Vacuum Head. …
  3. Step 3: Fill the Water Reservoir and Soap Dispenser. …
  4. Step 4: Familiarize Yourself With the Operating Icons. …
  5. Step 5: Prime the AquaMate. …
  6. Step 6: Shampoo. …
  7. Step 7: Rinse. …
  8. Step 8: Extract.

How much water do I put in a Rainbow vacuum?

The water fill indicator for the E series is the bump in the middle. The SE series indicator is the tall peg in the middle. You will want to pour water in just until the top of the indicator is barely covered. Now it’s ready to be reinstalled on your Rainbow vacuum!

Can you use essential oils in a Rainbow vacuum?

We use the Rainbow oils most of the time, but if we run out, we’ve found that fresh Orange, Lemon or Tangerine peels added to the water will also give a good fresh Citrus smell. And the natural Citrus oils are light enough to add freshness without clogging the system as much as a heavier oil might.

How do you reset a Rainbow vacuum?

Reset the motor by turning the power switch to “Off” and unplugging it from the wall. Allow the motor to cool down. Plug the cord back into the wall and attempt to vacuum as normal. If the unit still does not work, there may be a problem with the switch or the power unit.

How do I get rid of the separator in my Rainbow vacuum?

Quote from the video:
The water separator with your other hand and kind of twist the water separator clockwise as you're twisting the nut counterclockwise.

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Does NASA use Rainbow vacuum?

Speaking of which, NASA uses Rainbows to clean the air in their rocket test firing rooms, and to keep their clean rooms clean.

Can I put lemon juice in my Rainbow vacuum?

The Rainbow company produces a liquid deodorizing air freshener. Add the liquid to the Rainbow water tray to scent home air with aromas, such as citrus or eucalyptus, to remove cooking and unpleasant smells from the air.

Can I return Rainbow vacuum?

If the vacuum is faulty, or if you are unhappy with the product, it may need to be returned. These cleaning systems are available only through distributors, and must be returned directly to the distributor you purchased the item from. The manufacturer itself will not deal with any return procedures.

How effective is a Rainbow vacuum?

A: Rainbow vacuums have slightly weaker suction power than Dyson; however, Rainbow are very strong and long-lasting vacuums and are far more durable than Dyson. We feel that the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is better value for money, and therefore better than the Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Is a Rainbow vacuum a dehumidifier?

Over the years, Rexair has made improvements on the original Rainbow vacuum, but it still relies on water filtration. One unusual function of the Rainbow vacuum system is its potential use as a humidifier, air cleaner and deodorizer.

Can I put bleach in my Rainbow vacuum?

bleach is NOT a good idea to use in this machine. It could damage or destroy the water basin and, most importantly, bleach could be harmful to breath in.

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How long does a Rainbow demo last?

It depends on your friends. As a general rule, a Rainbow show takes about 1.5 hours to show you everything the Rainbow can do. Planning on nights where your friends and family are in for the evening, is best, so they are not rushing out of the demo for another planned engagement.

How much is a Rainbow SRX?

There have been two reports of the SRX vacuum catching fire. No injuries have been reported. Sold At: Independent authorized Rainbow distributors nationwide to consumers from June 2019 through June 2020 for about $3,200.

Does Rainbow vacuum have a lifetime warranty?

What is covered under the Rainbow warranty? Rexair provides to its independent Authorized Rainbow Distributors, and only to them, a written four (4) year warranty on the Rainbow SRX Cleaning System and attached accessories and a ten (10) year warranty on the vacuum cleaner motor/electronic controller.

How long does a Rainbow vacuum last?

It is not uncommon to see 30+ year old Rainbow vacuums still working great. 2. Rainbow Vacuums don’t lose suction as they fill up with dirt (take that James Dyson). They use water to filter with so as you pick up more dirt your water just gets dirty.

How long can I leave my Rainmate on?

Essential oils and fragrances can be used in your Rainmate and it’s encouraged! This air purifier is great for aromatherapy. Simply add 3-5 drops of your preferred fragrance into the basin and enjoy! Scents typically last 6-8 hours.