Is an inflatable hot tub worth it?

Inflatable hot tubs merits and can be a great starting point for someone dipping their toe (pun intended) into the world of hot tub ownership. That said, they are not a long-term investment, and while they’re relatively cheap to buy initially, you may pay the price later down the line!

Are inflatable hot tubs better?

In fact, inflatable hot tubs have improved a lot recently in the materials they use and how durable they actually are. This is because the manufacturers realise that inflatable tubs will get moved about. People are going to deflate them and move them to another location or put them away for the winter.

What are the benefits of a inflatable hot tub?

10 Key Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs

  • Mobility. Let’s begin with one of the most obvious feature that you are offered with an inflatable Hot Tub – mobility. …
  • Comfort from Inflatable Element. …
  • Affordable. …
  • Party Feature. …
  • Wide Selection. …
  • Accessorize it. …
  • Relieve Stress. …
  • Hydrotherapy.

Do inflatable hot tubs lose air?

It doesn’t always have to be a puncture that’s causing air to shoot out of your tub. It may simply be that your tub’s inflation valve is faulty, or that it’s too loose. A loose inflation valve is likely to be a key cause of air escaping through a Lay-Z-Spa.

How long will an inflatable hot tub last?

around 5 -7 years

When considering the lifespan of your new hot tub, you can expect to receive around 5 -7 years of use out of an inflatable hot tub compared to 20+ years of use from a hardshell hot tub.

Do inflatable hot tubs use a lot of electricity?

Q: Do inflatable hot tubs use a lot of electricity? An inflatable hot tub will use up to 1.5kWh of electricity while the heater is running. The average cost of electricity in the US is $0.13/kWh. That works out to about $0.20 an hour or $4.70 per day.

What are cons of inflatable hot tub?

There are upsides and downsides to owning an inflatable hot tub.

  • Prone to punctures and abrasions;
  • Can take water a long time to heat up;
  • Not recommended in temps below 40 F;
  • Capacity may be misleading (look at the interior, not exterior dimensions);
  • Unsafe for small children.
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Can I use my inflatable hot tub as a pool?

7. Use it as a pool instead of a hot tub – Simply don’t heat it! That’s it. As long as you treat the water and circulate it the way you would a hot tub, it’s safe to dunk your human body into.

Are inflatable hot tubs good for back pain?

The hot water and massaging action of the hot tub jets can be an effective way to help relax and soothe tight, tense muscles. This can help ease aches and pains.

How often should I change the water in my inflatable hot tub?

This is probably one of the first things you wondered about when you got your hot tub. It’s a straightforward question, and the answer is just as straightforward. We recommend you completely change the water in your hot tub at least once every three months.

How often do you have to change the water in an inflatable hot tub?

Generally, water will need to be replaced according to: spa gallons divided by three, and then divided by the average number of users per day, i.e. if there are two users per day in a 210-gallon 4-person spa, the water should be replaced every 35 days.

Can inflatable hot tubs be used in the winter?

Key Considerations. Testing inflating hot tubs has proven that these products can maintain their maximum water temperature well when it is below freezing in air temperatures, and you can enjoy them all winter.

Can I leave my inflatable hot tub out all year?

Don’t leave it un‑used

If you leave your Lay‑Z‑Spa out in winter without using it, and the temperature drops below 4°C, the water could freeze within the pump and cause serious damage. Your water quality will also deteriorate and you may find a build‑up of unsightly mold.

Should I leave my inflatable hot tub running all the time?

Yes, you should leave your hot tub on all of the time. Hot tubs are designed to always be switched on and it’s more economical to keep the water hot than it is to heat it up from cold each time you want to use it.

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How long does it take to set up an inflatable hot tub?

The tub is easily filled with the included inflation hose and when the heat pump is turned on, the water temperature will rise about 2 degrees or so every hour, so allow approximately 24 hours to reach the maximum temperature of 104 degrees.

Can you use an extension cord with an inflatable hot tub?

Many inflatable hot tub manufacturers warn against using an extension cord. Using an extension cord that has thinner wires may lead to overheating and fire. Similarly, using a long extension cord may cause a voltage drop. This can even damage under specific circumstances hot tub parts like the heater and jet pumps.

Where do you plug in an inflatable hot tub?

“all Lay‑Z‑Spas are designed to plug into a standard UK 13amp/240V electrical supply. We advise that you always use an RCD protected socket (like those installed in your home) and not an extension lead.”

Can you put an inflatable hot tub on grass?

It would help if you also remembered that it isn’t a great idea to keep inflatable hot tubs in the same place on grass without moving them from time to time. It can leave a mark on the floor and may even kill the grass. Plus, you may have to fork out on grass-enhancing sprays if you rent your house.

How do you prepare the ground for an inflatable hot tub?

Level the ground where you intend to place the hot tub by removing bumps and filling in holes. A tractor works well for this, but you can use a shovel and a hoe if you prefer. Remove any large rocks or other debris, and do not place the hot tub in an area where there are large tree roots above or near the surface.

What can you put in an inflatable hot tub?

These are the 3 most commonly used foundation types for a hot tub:

  1. Grass. The grass is definitely one of the most used surfaces under a blow-up hot tub. …
  2. Concrete pad. This type of foundation is recommended whether or not your tub is an outdoor one or an indoor one. …
  3. Crushed gravel or stone. …
  4. Ready-made synthetic tub pads.
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Can you put a hot tub on paving slabs?

Most patios, block paving and other surfaces are already reinforced and will be able to take the weight of a hot tub placement. If you are unsure then you may need to consult a specialist in this area.

Do hot tubs have leveling feet?

I am so glad you asked! Hot tubs don’t have the normal four-legged base. However, they do have an option of levelling that can be adjusted to a desired level. If you would like to raise the hot tub, simply adjust the support upward.

What does a hot tub need to sit on?

A hot tub requires a stable surface — whether it’s a concrete slab, reinforced deck, or firmly compacted soil with crushed gravel. There’s also the option to have the hot tub installed in the ground but that still requires a concrete vault.

Can you put hot tub on decking?

Hot tub decking is exactly the same as all other decking – the difference is in the construction of the timber deck. As hot tubs have become increasingly popular to install in gardens across the country, decking has become the platform of choice. There are many considerations before undertaking a project such as this.

Can I put a hot tub in a shed?

Hot tubs, in general, are heavy and get even heavier when full of water, so you will need to ensure that any shed you choose can either carry the weight or that you remove the flooring of the shed in order to support the structure. Ventilation is also an important aspect of the structure to take into consideration.

Can a concrete patio support a hot tub?

Usually a concrete slab made to building code is suitable to hold a hot tub. However, many patios and other concrete slabs are pitched for drainage, which may make an unsuitable base for your hot tub.