Is Big Stretch Silicone?

Sashco’s Big Stretch Acrylic Latex High Performance Caulk Sealant is a water-based sealant that sticks to the most difficult of surfaces, giving you more protection and power than a standard silicone caulk.

What is big stretch made of?

Sashco 10.5 oz. Big Stretch Acrylic Latex High Performance Caulking Sealant. Big Stretch is a high-performance water-based elastomeric sealant with powerful adhesion and superior elasticity. It spans gaps up to 2″ wide and stretches up to 500% of original joint size without cracking.

Is big stretch caulk water-based?

Big Stretch is a high-performance water-based elastomeric window, door & siding caulk that won’t crack…it just stretches.

How long does big stretch caulk last?

It spans gaps up to 2″ wide and stretches up to 500% of original joint size without cracking. Big Stretch won’t crack…it just stretches.

Big Stretch Caulking.

Application Temp: 40-120º F (surface temperature).
Shelf Life/Storage: 3 years. Freeze-Thaw Stability Passes 10 cycles (0-70° F)
Cleanup: Soap and Water

Is big stretch mold resistant?

High performance water-based elastomeric sealant with powerful adhesion and superior elasticity seals doors, windows, siding, and mortar joints without cracking. Spans gaps up to 2 In. wide.

Sashco Big Stretch Acrylic Elastomeric Caulk 10.5 Oz., Woodtone.

Id 94557
Mold & Mildew Resistant Yes
Permanently Flexible Yes
Longevity Lifetime
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor

Is there a caulk that won’t crack?

Gorilla silicone sealant remains flexible during its entire life, so it won’t crack or split during the normal movement that buildings generally experience. The silicone surface is resistant to mold and mildew, and it keeps its clean, white finish (but remember that 100 percent silicone cannot be painted).

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Can big stretch caulk be painted?

Paintability: Paintable with exterior latex paints/stains after 4 hours and interior latex paints/stains after 24-48 hours (more for humid conditions). Paintable with most exterior oil-based paints/stains after 1 week.

Can you use big stretch caulk in the shower?

LexelⓇ Clear for Tubs and Showers

You can also paint over this caulk if you want it to match other surfaces in the bathroom. One of the reasons why Lexel works so well for showers is that you can apply it to virtually any surface, wet or dry.

What does a big stretch mean?

1 verb Something that stretches over an area or distance covers or exists in the whole of that area or distance. no cont (=extend)

Does big stretch caulk stick to itself?

It works well and does stretch more than other caulks I have tried. Some problem joints will still tear it, such as butt joints, but Sashco says that their products will stick to themselves, so you can just reapply Big Stretch right over it if it tears.

Does Big Stretch dry clear?

This product goes on white, dries clear and covers easly with a coat of primer and paint. The overall dry time varies 24 – 48hrs.

How do you use large stretch caulking?

You begin applying big stretch insert filler rope into all joints a quarter inch wide. And deep or larger. If you want apply painters tape to the side of the joint to keep things clean and neat.

How do you remove a large stretch caulk?

How to remove old caulk and silicone

  1. Gather tools. You’ll need: …
  2. Apply the caulk remover, mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. Don’t spread it all over the place. …
  3. Use the utility knife, putty knife or painter’s tool to lift up the loosened caulk. Be gentle. …
  4. Apply the caulk. Be smooth about it now. …
  5. Clean up.
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Is Lexel better than silicone?

Lexel® is extremely elastic and can handle up to 400% joint movement so it won’t crack over time, meaning you only need to do a job once. It is paintable, sticks to itself and is crystal clear. In fact, it is 19 times clearer than silicone and won’t yellow or get cloudy over time.

What will remove silicone caulking?

The Harder Way to Remove Silicone Caulk Residue

Scrape off as much of the residue as possible with a razor blade or flat head screwdriver without scratching the surface you are cleaning. Apply mineral spirits or denatured alcohol. Use a scrub pad if possible, unless the surface is easily scratched, then use a sponge.