Is Pergo outlast really waterproof?

Unlike ordinary laminate, Pergo Outlast+ combines Uniclic® joint technology with revolutionary SpillProtect to prevent liquid from seeping into the joints making it 100% waterproof for life. * Plus, it even protects against pet accidents.

Can you put Pergo outlast in bathroom?

Pergo vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and is suitable for installation in moisture-loaded rooms such as laundry and washrooms where there is no drain in the floor. In bathrooms, showers etc where there is a drain special rules apply for protection against moisture.

Does Pergo make a waterproof flooring?

Pergo® Waterproof Floors Featuring WetProtect®

All Pergo® waterproof floors at Lowe’s have WetProtect® — the right kind of waterproof, guaranteed. This innovation features watertight joints and a waterproof finish and offers the only waterproof warranty that includes a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty.

How long does Pergo outlast last?

24 hours

Pergo Outlast is designed as an incredibly durable laminate floor. It comes with something Pergo calls SurfaceDefense wear protection and SpillProtect24 technology. It claims it can protect the flooring from household spills for up to 24 hours.

Does Pergo outlast have vapor barrier?

15mm) non- recycled (100% virgin) resin polyethylene film such as Pergo MoisturblocTM to form a vapor barrier. Pergo Outlast+ has attached underlayment foam, so use only a vapor barrier with this product when installing over a concrete subfloor.

Can Pergo be used outside?

No, You Can’t

Unfortunately, laminate flooring is not intended for outdoor use. There are some ‘weather-resistant’ laminates on the market, however most laminate floors are made strictly for indoor use.

What is the most durable waterproof flooring?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are great for waterproofing. These are virtually impenetrable and will not let liquids soak in, allowing for easy maintenance and worry-free cleaning. Ultra-durable. Tile is known for being one of the most durable flooring options on the market.

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How do you seal Pergo in outlast?


Once you have removed the spacers, apply PE foam along the whole wall. Next, apply permanent silicone sealant, smoothing it carefully with your thumb, for example. To conceal the silicone and to create a neater finish to the room, you can then install skirting boards.

How do you caulk Pergo in outlast?

Quote from the video:
Apply a bead of 100% silicone sealant to the top of the foam backer rod around the entire room the silicone will protect against any spills that may seek between the edge of the planks.

Do you have to acclimate Pergo outlast?

Like almost all materials in the home, Pergo flooring expands and contracts due to changes in temperature and humidity. You must allow unopened cartons of Pergo flooring to lay flat in the room where they will be installed to acclimate for 48-96 hours, depending upon climate, before beginning installation.

Is Pergo outlast toxic?

These days, Pergo is owned by Mohawk and, as you might imagine, they also make non-toxic laminate flooring. Pergo’s laminate, on the other hand, is certified as low-VOC with a Nordic EcoLabel, which is similar to FloorScore and GreenGuard certification.

Where is Pergo outlast made?

Pergo products are manufactured by the flooring division of Unilin BV, based in Belgium.

Is Pergo outlast Greenguard Certified?

Pergo’s laminate flooring products have been awarded the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification and GREENGUARD Select Certification for Flooring, indicating that they meet strict requirements for maintaining healthy indoor air in education, healthcare and commercial environments.

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Is Pergo XP laminate waterproof?


Pergo XP can be installed on, above, or below grade, but because the flooring doesn’t have any waterproofing, it is not recommended for bathrooms. Before installation, you will need to make sure that your subfloor is clean and secure; plywood or concrete are recommended for laminate flooring.

Which Pergo is the best?

With so many laminate flooring options available today, it can be hard choosing one that can match your style, needs, and budget. One of the best options overall is the Pergo TimberCraft flooring with its AC4 rating, sturdy 12 millimeter thickness, 18 finishes, and waterproof construction.

What is the difference between Pergo XP and outlast?

An important difference between Pergo Outlast plus and Pergo XP is that the Pergo Outlast+ includes two features not found in Pergo XP. Outlast Plus includes Pergo’s SpillProtect24™ which prevents liquid from seeping into joints for up to 24 hours and SurfaceDefense wear protection.

What are the different grades of Pergo flooring?

Pergo has dozens of collections covering their flooring lines, but three of their more popular options are Pergo XP, Pergo Outlast+, and the Pergo MAX series.

Is Pergo better than other laminates?

Better resistance

Pergo laminate floors are created to be tougher than most other laminate options. These incur minimum scratches and are also very much close to being waterproof. You get around 30 minutes window to clean up any spillage and maintain the finish.

What laminate flooring is waterproof?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers all of the benefits of laminate flooring and can legitimately be called waterproof. Luxury vinyl is now available in many, many options, and it has the same easy installation methods as laminate flooring.

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What do you wash Pergo floors with?


You can make a Pergo-recommended household cleaner with 1 cup household vinegar to 1 gallon warm water or 1/3 cup ammonia mixed with 1 gallon warm water. This cleaner will cleanse gently, removing dirt but keeping your floor beautiful.

Is Pergo real wood?

Pergo is manufactured from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures while hardwood floors are made of harvested trees.

Can you use a Swiffer Wet Jet on Pergo floors?

Use Pergo Floor Cleaner — just follow the directions. Use a Swiffer Wet Jet with the regular Swiffer Cleaner (not the Swiffer Cleaner for hardwood floors). Don’t use the wet jet to spray the liquid. Just dampen the Swiffer cloth with the Swiffer Cleaner and go over the floor.

Is Pergo engineered hardwood waterproof?

Naturally beautiful, genuine hardwood with the performance of Pergo. up to 4X the scratch, dent and wear resistance of ordinary hardwood floors* and it’s guaranteed waterproof! Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime surface & subfloor warranty. The ultimate in HARDWOOD DURABILITY.