Is quick shine safe?

Safer for kids, pets, and the environment That’s why our Quick Shine® finishes and cleaners are made with non-toxic ingredients. Make messes, enjoy your home, and clean up with confidence. The choice is simple–choose safer.

Is Quick Shine toxic?

Our recognized Quick Shine® products have been formulated to be less toxic than conventional cleaning products. They contain no heavy metals, and no harmful or hazardous chemicals.

Is Quick Shine pet safe?

Quick Shine is safe to use in homes with kids and pets and is clean air and safer chemistry certified in partnership with the DFE/EPA and we proudly display their seal on all Quick Shine labeling.

What is Quick Shine made of?

Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish is actually a water-borne polymer formula, not a wax. It protects floors and gives a rich, deep glow to sealed hardwood floors, wood laminate, stone, tile, vinyl, and all other sealed hard surface flooring.

How do you remove Quick Shine from floors?

A: Anytime you accidentally get any drops of our Floor Finish or Hardwood Floor Luster on your table or counter, even after it’s dried, you can use Windex or Formula 409 to remove it. Spray it on the area, let it sit for a minute or so then wipe it up with a damp cloth or sponge.

Does Quick Shine build up?

Afterwards, you should be able to mop this up. If you still have a few areas that have this build up on them, you’ll need to do it again. Doubt its that easy.. anything that shines floors that well will cause a build up..

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How long does Quick Shine Floor Finish Last?

This stuff will eventually leave a build-up- it only needs to be applied every 3-4 months. Before you reapply- you need to STRIP it from your wood floors using either the Quick Shine Deep Clean/ Concentrate OR Ammonia and Water.

How often can you use Quick Shine?

Every 2-4 months reapply a fresh new coat of Quick Shine® Multi-Surface or Hardwood Finish to enhance the glow.

Does quick shine wear off?

Quick Shine is not a wax; it’s a polymer finish which means you never have to strip it off the floor. You literally walk it off. If you have lots of traffic in the house you might want to reapply every few weeks, but if it’s just you in the house, the finish will last for months.

Is quick shine safe for engineered hardwood floors?

Q: Can I use the Quick Shine® Hardwood Floor Luster on my engineered hardwood floors? If not, what do you recommend? A: Absolutely. Sealed engineered hardwood floors respond very well to our Hardwood Floor Luster product.

Is quick shine good for porcelain tile?

The answer is YES! You can use our Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Cleaner on a variety of sealed hard surface flooring, including; hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, linoleum, stone and more! … Our Floor Cleaners are PH neutral and will not leave behind detergent residue like some competitor products.

Is Quick Shine Floor Finish a wax?

And protective glow quick shine restore shines. And protects hardwood marble tile even laminate it's like a new floor in a bottle. Quick shine delivers I cleaned the lasts in one quick.

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Can you mix Quick Shine with water?

The first quick shine that is supposed to shine your floor would look like fog on your floors, which you won’t be able to fix unless you would buy this product, which might fix the fog but will defiantly destroy your floors. You’d need to mix it with 3 gallons of water and scrub, which will again destroy your floors.

Can you add water to Quick Shine?

In a bucket, dilute the Deep Cleaner in HOT water as HOT water is more effective. … If solution appears to be drying, add a little warm water to keep the surface wet. The Quick Shine Floor Finish that you are removing should start to turn to a milky white film indicating the finish is being removed.

How do you use Quick Shine?

Quote from the video:
Simply drag the Swiffer through the spot to fix. I also noted in certain sections of the hardwood floor that the finish was worn through it did not shine like the rest of the floor.

How long does it take Quick Shine to dry?

15 to 30 minutes

The liquid, which has the consistency of milk, spreads easily, with no streaking or lap marks or bubbles, and with barely any odor. The instructions suggest Quick Shine dries in 15 to 30 minutes, although I found it to be closer to 45 minutes.