Is stylus a caroma?

Does Caroma make stylus toilets?

The Caroma Dorf group of companies offers a range of bathroom, kitchen and laundry products from a number of brands. … Stylus – Best known for its baths and spas, Stylus also offers a range of cheap toilets, basins, mixers, taps, showers and bathroom accessories.

Is Caroma the same as Fowler?

Fowler was acquired in the late 90’s by Caroma, another great Australian brand and over the years many Fowlerware products have been discontinued and replaced with new and improved designs available in the Caroma range.

Are Dorf and Caroma the same?

In 1980, Caroma introduced the world’s first dual flush toilet, which continues to save millions of litres of water each year. Caroma and Dorf remain to be some of Australia’s most widely recognised brands and continue to provide innovative solutions for everyday Australians and professionals alike.

How do I identify a Caroma toilet?

The first step in choosing the right parts for your toilet is to identify which series you have. In many cases, the series name will be embossed or molded into the underside of the tank lid. If it is not, you may try identifying your toilet by comparing the tank to the stock photos below.

Is Caroma made in China?

After 60 years, Caroma is still manufacturing some of its products in Australia, with plants in Norwood, South Australia, and Wetherill Park, New South Wales. One Caroma factory makes vitreous china toilet pans and cisterns, the main raw material being clay.

Where are Dorf taps made?


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Dorf Clark Industries Limited (commonly Dorf) is a division of GWA International Ltd and is an Australian manufacturer of taps & accessories, stainless sinks and tubs & commercial products. Dorf has a major manufacturing facility in Penrith, New South Wales and has sales offices in across Australia and New Zealand.

How do I know what model toilet I have?

Identify Toilet Model Number from Serial Number

  1. On the back or side of the inside of the toilet tank.
  2. On the back of the toilet tank.
  3. On the underside of the toilet bowl.

Why does my Caroma toilet keep running?

If debris is causing the valve to ‘stick’, water can continually flow into the tank. The tank has an overflow tube installed for just this reason, so that water will drain from the overflow tube into your bowl rather than causing a leak in the bathroom. the seals in the inlet valve have worn and need replacement.

How do you stop a Caroma toilet from running?

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All you need to do you can gently peel it off off that it comes away in your hand. And if you don't mind the bill water running you can turn it enough and give this a wash.

What is caroma Smartflush?

Caroma. The award-winning Caroma Smartflush dual flush system reduces the full flush water requirement down to just 4.5 litres – saving the average home up to 70 per cent or 35,000 litres of water per year with no extra installation cost or complexity.

How do you fix a leaky Caroma toilet?

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So I might need two hands here just grab that squeeze those together. This is where the the culprit is the leaky washer. We just rip that off pull that off like that.

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How do you adjust a Caroma toilet flush?

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Higher or down to make the water level in your tank. Lower. Once you get the height set to where you want it turn that head back in a counterclockwise.

How do you raise the water level in a Caroma toilet?

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You will see this water level is set too low to reset the water level simply take the float adjustment nut and turn in a clockwise direction. This will allow for the float level to rise.

How do you remove a caroma smart flush valve?

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Let's show you how to pop this out you've got two clips at the back of the valve. And two clips at the front unclip them and it pops straight out.