What can I put on bathroom walls instead of tiles?

Ideas For Bathroom Walls Instead Of Tiles

  • Wall Panels (PVC/Laminate) If you are finishing out a small bathroom, PVC or laminate wall panels are easy to install and affordable. …
  • Paint. …
  • Wallpaper. …
  • Wood. …
  • Stone. …
  • Microcement.

What can I use instead of bathroom tiles?

What Can You Put On Bathroom Walls Instead Of Tiles?

  • Wallpaper.
  • Wood.
  • Shower Panels.
  • Brick.
  • Laminated panels.
  • PVC wall panels.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Solid Stone Slabs.

What can you use instead of tiles?

Other than these main areas, vinyl plank and tile, laminate and waterproof hardwood flooring are also fantastic alternatives to floor tiles in many other splash zone areas of the home.

What is best for bathroom walls?

Bathroom Wall Surfaces Summary

Surface Pros
Tile Tile is 100-percent waterproof as long as it is expertly installed
Beadboard Beadboard helps to protect walls against direct moisture from shower or bathtub
Tileboard Tileboard can be a quick fix for bad drywall in a kitchen or bathroom

How can I cover my bathroom walls?

Install Wall Paneling

Wall panels, such as beadboard sheets, cover all or part of the walls that you want to disguise. You can install them over drywall or plaster that’s been painted or wallpapered. Interlocking, tongue-and-groove bead-board strips or planks give a similar look.

Can you have a bathroom without tiles?

Should a bathroom be fully tiled? No, it doesn’t have to be. Traditionally, tiles are used in wet areas of a bathroom (around the bath and within the shower enclosure) as a means to waterproof walls but there are now alternative materials to add a decorative, waterproofing to bathroom walls.

What can I put on my shower walls?

Acrylic is the best system to use for shower walls because it is the safest, least high maintenance, and easy to install, meaning your shower could be done in as little as one day. Acrylic is one of the most durable materials used in the shower construction industry, and for good reason.

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How do you waterproof bathroom walls?

Quote from the video:
But you do need to add the sealant between boards. The other thing that you need to know is that all the studs need to be 16 inches on center plumb.

Can you paint a bathroom instead of tiles?

Can You Paint A Bathroom Instead Of Tiles? Paint is a great way to update your dated bathroom wall tiles, since it is durable and inexpensive, and it is a much more cost-effective alternative to retiling. It is not possible to use any old paint for this, so a special product is required. Paint can be used very easily.

Can you put vinyl over bathroom wall tiles?

In short, you can use vinyl flooring on your bathroom walls. It is definitely a great option for covering your walls!

Can I use laminate sheets for shower walls?

You can use laminate sheets for shower walls. Laminated shower walls differ from molded shower enclosures. Each wall is a separate piece. Laminated sheets can’t be bent to fit corners or edges, so individual pieces are cut to fit each wall.

How do you cover rough interior walls?

Drywall joint compound is often the best way to cover rough texture and leave a flat, blank canvas on your wall. Wash the walls with degreasing cleaner, then sand them lightly with coarse-grit sandpaper, which helps the joint compound hold.

Can paneling be used in a bathroom?

Adding wood paneling to a bathroom is a great way of adding texture and color, which in turn can add a warmth to what otherwise can be quite a clinical and cold room. Wood paneling works well as a wallcovering on any walls that do not come into direct contact with water, so the shower area is out.

Is beadboard good for bathrooms?

Beadboard bathroom designs are most common in cottage-style bathrooms, but this casually elegant design can work well in a wide selection of bathroom styles. Traditional cottages often use the most familiar style of beadboard, which features thin, vertical white panels aligned closely together.

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What kind of paneling can be used in a shower?

Contemporary – Choose high gloss acrylic or contemporary high gloss laminate panels. Traditional – Consider cultured marble and cultured granite, marble pattern PVC composite or textured slate laminate wall panels. Modern farmhouse – Rough wood or Antique gray laminate wall panels are smart.

Can you put wood walls in a bathroom?

In fact, you can do amazing things with wood, even in the bathroom. The way it feels, sounds and even reflects light is wonderful. It also offers color and depth, and can soften the look of hard ceramic finishes. While wood is a durable choice for bathroom floors, it’s also fantastic on the ceiling.

Can shiplap be used on bathroom walls?

Whether you decide to install shiplap as an accent wall, on your ceiling, or as a half wall application, shiplap is a great addition for virtually any bathroom.

What kind of wood can you put on bathroom walls?

Wood Paneling for Bathroom Walls

Knotty pine paneling is one choice for your bathroom walls, though most people choose cedar panels. It will really take you back with that rustic look and it’s amazingly easy to install while touting its resistance to moisture.

How can I waterproof my bathroom wood?

There are three surefire ways to waterproof your wood for years to come.

  1. Use linseed or Tung oil to create a beautiful and protective hand-rubbed finish.
  2. Seal the wood with coating of polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer.
  3. Finish and waterproof wood simultaneously with a stain-sealant combo.

Can you use wood for shower walls?

Whether it’s on the floor, the countertops, or even in the shower, wood provides a seamless transition from the bathroom into other areas of your home. And when used responsibly, wood is an eco-friendly option for almost every style—from minimalist to traditional.

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Does varnish protect wood from water?

What is Varnish? Varnish is a waterproof coat that is usually transparent and forms a protective layer when applied to wood and other materials. The combination of resin, solvent and drying oil found in varnish allows it to dry hard producing a scratch-resistant shell that protects the material from water.

Is varathane waterproof?

No, the stain just gives the wood its color. It doesn’t provide much (if any) water or scratch protection.

Is Minwax better than Varathane?

When it comes to a match-up between these two companies, there is no discernible difference. As long as you are comparing product for product, Varathane and Minwax products both provide exceptional durability.

What is the difference between Varathane and polyurethane?

The key difference between polyurethane urethane and varathane is that polyurethane is a polymer material and urethane is the linkage between the monomers of the polyurethane polymer, whereas varathane is a type of wood stain.

Is water based or oil based polyurethane better?

1. Oil based polyurethane looks better. It has a more depth – both in color and shine and it looks the way we expect hardwood to look. Water based polyurethane has both a duller color and a duller finish.

What is the downside of oil based polyurethane?

Cons of Oil-Based Polyurethane

Longer dry times. Dents easier due to it softer finish. The odor is unbearable (respirator use is recommended). The floor darkens over time.

Can you sleep in house after water based polyurethane?

The house is not inhabitable for a minimum of 2 days after the job is completed, and better to stay out for at least 5 as the fumes/off-gassing is not advisable to breathe in, even if there are other rooms to sleep in.