What country produces the most rubber?

ThailandThailand produced 4.37 million metric tons of natural rubber in 2020, which accounted for a 35 percent share of global natural rubber production that year. This made Thailand the world’s leading natural rubber producing country.

Which top 10 countries are the largest producers of natural rubber?

Natural Rubber Net Production

# 29 Countries Last
1 #1 Thailand 2019
2 #2 Indonesia 2019
3 #3 Vietnam 2019
4 #4 India 2019

Where does 90% of the world’s rubber come from?

More than 90% of the world’s rubber is derived from hevea brasiliensis, the rubber tree, and grown in southeast Asia, where it was transplanted from South America in the 1800s.

Which country has the largest rubber plantation?

1: Thailand

The Southern Thailand region has the world’s largest rubber plantation. Thailand produces 3.12 million metric tons of natural rubber, and the area under rubber plantations was 1.7 million hectares.

Who makes the most rubber?

The global natural rubber production totalled about 13.9 million metric tons in 2018.
Top 10 Rubber Producing Countries in 2020.

Rank Country Avg rubber production per annul (1000 tons)
1 Thailand 4,305
2 Indonesia 3,088
3 Malaysia 997
4 India 891

Which country is the largest producer of rubber in Africa?

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, Africa’s largest rubber producer is hoping to double production to two million tonnes in the next five years despite a hit by world prices on raw materials.

Who invented rubber?

Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear
Parent(s) Amasa Goodyear (b. 1 June 1772, d. 19 August 1841) Cynthia Bateman Goodyear
Engineering career
Projects vulcanize rubber discovered in 1839, process perfected and patented in 1844.
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Are we running out of rubber?

The world now faces a rubber shortage because of multiple supply chain disruptions. “We could be on the cusp of a rubber apocalypse,” Ohio State University professor Katrina Cornish told CNBC. Rubber producers are working against all odds: climate change, disease and the fight for shipping containers.

What countries produce synthetic rubber?

Most synthetic rubber is produced in the United States, Japan, Russia, and the countries of Western Europe. While the most significant amount of rubber processing occurs in developed countries, the developing world is processing an increased amount of rubber as these countries build automotive and tire industries.

Who uses the most rubber?


China is by far the largest consumer of natural rubber worldwide, consuming a peak of 5.5 million metric tons in 2019. China uses natural rubber for a variety of manufacturing uses, including automobile and tire manufacturing, in particular.

Which country is the second largest producer of rubber in the world?

Thailand is the leading Rubber producing country in the world. Thailand is followed Indonesia and China at the second and third place respectively. India stands at fourth position inRubber production.

Does Brazil produce rubber?

The rubber industry in Brazil is a small, but stable part of the local economy. Although the domestic supply comes nowhere near to the demand each year, the industry can play a role on the global market as a disrupter. In any given year, Asia produces 90% of the world’s rubber.

Who invented rubber tapping?

Henry Nicholas Ridley, C.M.G., M.A., F.R.S. [Microfilm no.: NL 7331]. Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 33(1), 104. 26. Ridley found way to tap rubber and gave Malaya its wealth.

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Where did Henry Ford get his rubber from?


Clearing Logs from Fordlandia, Brazil, 1929
Henry Ford established Fordlandia and Belterra in the Brazilian rainforest to supply rubber for automobile production. He began shipping machinery and supplies to the Amazon in 1928.

Does South America produce rubber?

Rubber is one of the most important products to come out of the rainforest. Though Indigenous rainforest dwellers of South America have been using rubber for generations, it was not until 1839 that rubber had its first practical application in the industrial world.

Which country is South America’s biggest rubber producer?

3) Which country is South America’s biggest rubber producer? Answer: Brazil.

Who brought rubber to Europe?

In 1876 Sir Henry Wickham, a young British adventurer sailed out of the Amazonian port of Santarem in the ship Amazonas with 70,000 seeds of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. He arrived back in the UK and under the care of specialists at London’s Kew Botanical Gardens some seeds germinated and grew to maturity.

How much did rubber cost in the 1800s?

For instance, the average price of rubber from 1880-1884 was 401 pounds sterling per ton; from 1900 to 1904, when the first plantations were beginning to be set up, the average price was 459 pounds sterling per ton.

Does rubber come from Africa?

Rubber trees are grown in regions that are hot and moist, that is: in Africa (250 000 tons of natural rubber); in Central and South America (31 700 tons of natural rubber) in Asia, which is the chief producer (3 207 100 tons of natural rubber).

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Where did the US get rubber from in ww2?

When the natural rubber supply from Southeast Asia was cut off at the beginning of World War II, the United States and its allies faced the loss of a strategic material.

What did Charles Goodyear invent?

Charles Goodyear, (born Dec. 29, 1800, New Haven, Conn., U.S.—died July 1, 1860, New York City), American inventor of the vulcanization process that made possible the commercial use of rubber. Goodyear began his career as a partner in his father’s hardware business, which went bankrupt in 1830.

Who invented rubber shoes?

Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear invented vulcanised rubber in 1839. It was not until decades later that this technological advancement was applied to shoes. Known as plimsolls then, they were not the most comfortable of footwear but they were popular during the late 1800s.