What did the Pardoner look like?

He is depicted as smooth, delicate, lady-like and honey-tongued, duplicitous in his supposedly holy dealings, extremely rich from his deceitful profession and as a man whose very being is totally incongruous with his career as a servant of the Church.

What does the Pardoner look like in the Canterbury Tales?

With blonde hair that he wears long, in the “newe jet,” or style, and a smooth, hairless face, it’s no wonder that Chaucer “trowe [the Pardoner] were a geldyng or a mare” (General Prologue 693) – a neutered or female horse.

How is the Pardoner described in the Pardoner’s Tale?

The Pardoner describes a group of young Flemish people who spend their time drinking and reveling, indulging in all forms of excess. After commenting on their lifestyle of debauchery, the Pardoner enters into a tirade against the vices that they practice.

What did the Pardoner wear in Canterbury Tales?

The Pardoner wears a long tunic usually tied around the waist made of some rich fabric. He also holds a cross.

What does the Pardoner look like quizlet?

He has fine yellow hair that hangs in pieces, “like rat-tails,” down to his shoulders. Instead of a hood, he wars a small cap with a holy relic sewn on. He has bulging eyes and a small voice like a “goat has got.” He has smooth chin, no beard in sight. Chaucer characterizes the pardoner as being effeminate.

What does the wife of Bath look like?

The Wife of Bath’s physical description is presented in Chaucer’s General Prologue. Chaucer details her appearance, writing, “Bold was her face, handsome, and red in hue” (15). Chaucer also notes that “She had gap-teeth, set widely [apart]…”, and very large hips.

Why did the Pardoner tell his tale?

The Pardoner tells his moral stories not to help sinners but to help himself. He’s greedy and wishes to scare people into buying his indulgences and relics.

What did the Pardoner do?

His profession is somewhat dubious—pardoners offered indulgences, or previously written pardons for particular sins, to people who repented of the sin they had committed. Along with receiving the indulgence, the penitent would make a donation to the Church by giving money to the pardoner.

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What is the Pardoner?

Definition of pardoner

1 : a medieval preacher delegated to raise money for religious works by soliciting offerings and granting indulgences. 2 : one that pardons.

How many times has the Wife of Bath been married?

Since her first marriage at the tender age of twelve, she has had five husbands. She says that many people have criticized her for her numerous marriages, most of them on the basis that Christ went only once to a wedding, at Cana in Galilee.

What characteristic of the Pardoner are revealed in the prologue?

In his prologue, the Pardoner frankly confesses that he is a fraud motivated by greed and avarice and that he is guilty of all seven sins. Even though he is essentially a hypocrite in his profession, he is at least being honest as he makes his confession.

What is the Pardoner?

Definition of pardoner

1 : a medieval preacher delegated to raise money for religious works by soliciting offerings and granting indulgences. 2 : one that pardons.

How is the Pardoner a hypocrite?

As a religious authority, the Pardoner’s largest fault takes the form of hypocrisy. He preaches against sin but indulges in all forms of sin at the same time. The Pardoner even tries to excuse his behavior by favorably comparing himself to other hypocritical preachers who seek power or inflame hate.

Is the Pardoner greedy?

Although the Pardoner is extremely greedy, he continues to try and teach that “Avarice is the root of all evil” (6). The characters in his tale display great hypocrisy as well. As the tale begins, the friends all act very trustworthy and faithful towards all of their friends.

How many husbands did the Wife of Bath have?

five husbands

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The Wife of Bath begins the Prologue to her tale by establishing herself as an authority on marriage, due to her extensive personal experience with the institution. Since her first marriage at the tender age of twelve, she has had five husbands.

How does the Pardoner make money?

How does the Pardoner earn his living? by taking money to “forgive sins”, he also sells religious trinkets, that are fake.

Does the Pardoner drink alcohol?

The pardoner is really just a 14th century con artist who makes a living by his own hypocrisy. … The pardoner admits to drinking but later preaches against it, his hypocrisy knows no bounds as he makes others feel guilty for something that he himself does, after all, isn’t he telling the story while inside a bar.

Is the Pardoner rich or poor?

Peasants were worked hard, paid little, and taxed heavily. Not that the rioters worked at all, but the Pardoner’s audiences included a lot of poor peasants who could probably relate to the excitement that the young men felt about their windfall. This likely made them feel even guiltier by the end of the sermon.

Who is greedy in Canterbury Tales?

Greed of the Pardoner in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Another trait that is displayed by the Pardoner and a character in his tale is hypocrisy. Although the Pardoner is extremely greedy, he continues to try and teach that “Avarice is the root of all evil” (6).

Is the wife of Bath greedy?

In the series of tales, we hear from many characters that are revealed to be more than they seem. One of the layman storytellers who stands out for her greed is the Wife of Bath. During her prologue, the Wife of Bath reveals that she has been married five times.

How is the Pardoner corrupt?

In the story, he tricks the people to buy his fake relics and other things by using the church’s believe. The Pardoner act and his teaching are all corrupted because of the church. It shows the side of greediness, gluttony and selfishness which highly reflect into himself and his believe.

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Who is obsessed with money in Canterbury Tales?

The Pardoner, from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, is the world’s most obvious and shameless hypocrite. He spent his entire life preaching that the love of money is the root of all evil, and even tells a tale of three men whose greed for money leads to their own demise.

What relics did the Pardoner have?

Like the other pilgrims, the Pardoner carries with him to Canterbury the tools of his trade—in his case, freshly signed papal indulgences and a sack of false relics, including a brass cross filled with stones to make it seem as heavy as gold and a glass jar full of pig’s bones, which he passes off as saints’ relics.

Who is the carpenter in The Canterbury Tales?

John John the carpenter

John the carpenter, while admittedly short on brains, is probably the most sympathetic of the four major characters in “The Miller’s Tale.” After all, he’s the only one who doesn’t cheat or trick somebody.

How does greed affect the life of the Pardoner who is telling the tale?

The Pardoner sells indulgences, so the lesson about the bad effects of greed might also open pockets of those who want forgiveness for past offenses. The old man’s presence shows that no one knows when death might happen. Therefore, forsaking greed and seeking pardon for sins is a wise idea.

Why is it ironic or surprising that the Pardoner tells this story?

It proves greed is the root of all evil because when the rioters found the coins it moved them to murder and other sins. It is ironic that the Pardoner tells this story because he is open about his own greed.