What do you wear to common projects?

Styling: Common Projects trainers, especially Achilles Lows, work well with any outfit – formal or casual. So, no matter your style, a pair of Common Projects should be on your wishlist. Sizing and fit: The Achilles Low may be narrow, but I’d actually recommend going half a size down, unless you have wide feet.

How do you dress for Common Projects?

This is really simple is just some khaki shorts a white t-shirt and a button-down floral tropical soar sleeve shirt on top of. It.

Do Common Projects run big or small?

Common Projects shoes generally fit true to size, so take your normal size if you have wide feet. Common Projects shoes can sometimes run large, so go down a size if you’re between sizes or have narrow feet.

Who wears common project sneakers?

  • Ellen DeGeneres, Nick Jonas and Drake are just some of the celebrities who wear Common Project sneakers. …
  • The sneakers sell for about $400 a pair, and are carried by more than 200 retailers. …
  • The publicity shy pair have never advertised, and had not updated their Instagram account for about 30 weeks.
  • Do Common Projects last?

    When treated with care, a pair of Common Projects should last you a minimum of two years of wear. After two years, many wearers still have bright white shoes that are perfectly intact. The quality of the material and construction of these shoes makes them a good long-term investment.

    Can you wear common projects to work?

    Styling: Common Projects sneakers, especially Achilles Lows, work well with any outfit – formal or casual. So, no matter your style, a pair of Common Projects should be on your wishlist.

    Are Common Projects still cool?

    They’re just the coolest shoes. The whole breezy but dressy, casual but formal, minimalist but unmistakably branded look, from top to bottom there just isn’t anything quite like them. They go with every single outfit, it doesn’t matter how casual or formal it is.

    Is common project unisex?

    Common Projects (CP) is known for designing fresh, current footwear. The company rolls out new looks for men, women and children every season. In addition to offering one of the freshest footwear rosters in the industry, CP also rolls out accessories ranging from wallets to backpacks.

    What do the numbers mean on Common Projects?

    NEW YORK, United States — Ten numbers, divided into three sets, are stamped in gold on the outer heel of each shoe. Each set corresponds to a style number, European size and colour. It’s the only visible branding on a pair of otherwise perfectly clean, pared-back Common Projects shoes.

    Are Common Projects luxury?

    Common Projects is a luxury footwear brand founded by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami in 2004.

    How do you wash Common Projects?

    Pick up the brush. And apply a liberal amount of solution. So once you've done that dip the brush back into the bowl of water and rinse away any excess.

    How can you tell if Common Projects are fake?

    Being very narrow the authentic wraps around your foot completely and fits much snuggier whereas the fake sits a lot lower and it's much wider you can actually see on the bottom of the heel.

    Do Common Projects come with extra laces?

    The sneakers are packaged in a sturdy, all-white shoebox with the Common Projects logo at the top. Inside the shoebox, you will find a white shoe dust bag and an extra set of shoelaces.

    How do you clean Common Projects Low Achilles?

    Clean. Take the laces and place them in some warm water then add some of the Jason mark shoe cleaner. Agitate the shoelaces by shaking them for one to two. Minutes.

    Can Common Projects resole?

    Get a quote, it’s that easy! We’ll clean them. We’ll restore and resole them.

    How can Common Projects be prevented from creasing?

    And then what I did is once I've laced them up and put the shoe on I press down where that fold was and then folded my foot up a few times just to get the crease to start going inwards.

    Where are Common Projects made?


    Common Projects: Made in Italy

    All Common Projects sneakers are made in an Italian footwear factory in the Marche region of eastern Italy that sits between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The shoes are made of fine Italian calfskin and are stitched by hand.

    How do I clean my common project canvas?

    Work up a lather and scrub the shoe all over rinse the brush and reapply cleaner whenever necessary use a soft toothbrush for hard to get to Mario's.

    Can I put canvas shoes in the washing machine?

    It’s easy to wash canvas shoes. You can hand wash your shoes or run them through the washing machine. Just make sure that you don’t put your canvas shoes in the dryer. When Toms or other canvas shoes go through the dryer the soles can become misshapen and soft, even if you use the lowest dryer setting.

    How do I make my canvas shoes stain resistant?

    One of the best ways to protect your shoes from dirt and stains is to spray a thin layer of Scotchgard Fabric Protector on your new pair of shoes. Be sure to spray thinly and evenly, and let the shoes dry in a clean area before wearing them out into the world.

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