What does a Chinese perfume plant smell like?

This is Chinese Perfume Plant (Aglaia odorata). Each flower looks like a tiny grain of rice, lending it the nickname Chinese rice flower, and its slightly sweet, lemony scent gives it the additional common name of mock lemon.

Is Chinese Perfume Plant lucky?

In Chinese culture, the plant is linked with wealth and prosperity, and during Chinese New Year, many families decorate this plant with good luck charms and other trinkets. In the wild, the Chinese Perfume Tree is known to grow up to 16-20 feet tall, but as indoor plants, they only grow up to 6.5 feet in height.

Is Chinese Perfume Plant toxic to dogs?

Are Chinese Perfume plants toxic to cats and other pets? The leaves of a Chinese Perfume tree have been described as natural pest repellants. Due to these properties, a pet or child should not consume them. Doing so may lead to intestinal issues, or worse depending on how much was eaten.

What does Rice flower smell like?

Sweet, fresh and soft with a hint of ozone. Light and delicate blossom scent with a base of subtle, creamy vanilla and coconut. What are rice flowers? Rice flowers are small perfumed buds that grow on the Aglaia Odorata, or Chinese Perfume Tree.

Which plants give us perfumes?

Top 10 most fragrant flowers in India

  • Tuberose: A strong scented flower locally known as ‘Rajanigandha’ or ‘Gulchhadi’. …
  • Roses: Apart from looks & colors, Roses are known for their typical familiar fragrance. …
  • Jasmines: …
  • Parijat (Nyctanthes): …
  • Raat ki Rani (Cestrum): …
  • Sweet pea: …
  • Champa: …
  • Kewda (Ketaki):
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What is the most fragrant shrub?

Top 10 Fragrant Shrubs to Make Your Garden Smell Amazing

  • Bloomerang® Lilac (Syringa) …
  • Ruby Anniversary Abelia (Abelia chinensis) …
  • Vanilla Spice and Sugartina Crystalina Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia) …
  • Little Henry Sweetspire (Itea virginica) …
  • ‘Scentsation’ Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum)

What is the most used flower in perfume?


Widely acknowledged as the most fragrant flower, Jasmine is used in perfume and cosmetic industries. These blooms are widely used in aromatherapy too as their smell helps in relaxing the mind.

Which flower is known as queen of fragrance?

The femininity of roses is well celebrated. No flower in the valley of florals is as well known and recognised as the rose. It symbolises the beautiful emotion of love and devotion towards your beloved.

What does frangipani smell like?

Frangipani flowers may smell like roses, gardenias, pineapple, plum, citrus, ripe banana, grapes, coconut, ginger, candy, or spices.

What does tuberose smell like?

And actually, tuberose smells almost salty in large amounts. It’s pretty much the flower version of creme brulee. It’s dense, rich, and not sweet exactly, but very powerful. It smells distinctively tropical and summery.

What does Japanese honeysuckle smell like?

A sweet & powdery base note emerges with vanilla, malt, absolute jasmine and a woody touch of cedar. Perfume Family: FLORAL oriental – Flowers may be light as lily of the valley, or sweet like Spring freesias, violets & roses.

What does tonka bean smell like?

The pleasant, natural aroma of tonka bean can be described as a mix of sweet, spicy, nutty, herbaceous, and woody. Its scent is complex and sweet like vanilla, with enticing notes of spices and tobacco. It can be warm, welcoming, and even seductive at times, depending on how it’s blended together with other fragrances.

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Are Tuberoses fragrant?

Tuberose is said to be the most fragrant plant in the plant world. And for good reason because its opulent scent continues to exhale even 48 hours after picking. And this smell is like that of other white flowers such as orange blossom or ylang-ylang, with a creamier and even “deeper” aspect.

Why do Tuberoses smell at night?

“When you smell the tuberose at night it’s richer, more generous. It emphasizes the lactonic creamy notes, the fruity peachiness. It’s much more powerful and orange-flower-like than the smell of the bud, which is greener.

What does Angelica smell like?


The aroma of angelica root is quite strong, so it’s typically used in very small quantities, as a component of a complex fragrance. Angelica shows notes of earth, musk, celery, pepper, herbs, and just a hint of warm citrus. It is an ideal component to anchor bright, citrusy fragrances, as it provides an earthy core.

What does bergamot smell like?

Known as the “prince of citrus,” bergamot is a sunny and pleasant citrus scent featured in many perfumes as well as luxury candles. It’s aroma is refreshing and rounded; sweet, but complex and deep at the same time; similar to lime, but with floral, herbal, and resinous undertones.

What does vetiver smell like?

Vetiver smells dry, earthy, woody, leathery and smoky. Think of uncut grass on a warm day and you’ll have a rough idea of what vetiver smells like. Vetiver is considered to be a more masculine fragrance, and is used in candles, colognes and other scented products marketed to men.

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What does copaiba smell like?

Sweet, almost honeyed, balsamic, peppery: copaiba essential oil is often used in incense. It’s derived from a tree in Central and South America (Copaifera officinalis) and acts as a base note and fixative.

What does a juniper smell like?

(When you smell gin, you’re basically smelling juniper, actually.) It has a touch of pine to it: a bit sappy, a touch bitter, but definitely fresh – and powerful, so it’s generally used in small doses. The berries are harvested from a small, shrub-like tree which belongs to the cypress family.

What does patchouli smell like?

While it’s part of the mint family, patchouli doesn’t smell fresh and cool the way typical mint varieties in the grocery store do. Instead, it smells sweet, spicy and musky. This versatile scent is why patchouli can be found in so many different products, including candles, perfumes, cosmetics, detergents and more.

What does geranium smell like?

The most well known of the scented varieties are rose and lemon, but there are those that smell like pineapple and even chocolate. The typical, “basic” geranium smell, however, is green and slightly peppery. However,the fragrance is both sweetly floral as well as earthy and herbaceous.