What does Alfieri mean by settle for half?

When he says “settle for half” he means that the community of Red Hook rarely resolves its feuds with violence anymore, like they did back when Al Capone roamed the streets. Now they compromise. They rely on the law.

What does Alfieri mean when he says it is better to settle for half?

Settling for half means compromise to Alfieri. He sees it as the cornerstone to American style justice. This is Eddie talking junk to Rodolfo right before they fight.

What does Alfieri Symbolise?

Alfieri represents the difficult stretch, embodied in the Brooklyn Bridge, from small ethnic communities filled with dock laborers to the disparate cosmopolitan wealth and intellectualism of Manhattan. The old and new worlds are codified in the immigrant-son Alfieri.

What is the significance of Alfieri’s closing words to the play as a whole?

Alfieri’s final words fit the final action of the play because he is talking about Eddie’s decisions and it fits because Eddie’s choices have led him to death. Alfieri concludes that it is better to “settle for half” but he admires and loves Eddie for refusing to compromise.

What does Alfieri give away about the story that he is about to tell?

Alfieri tells the story of Eddie Carbone as if he’s a legend. In Act I Eddie speaks this quote, while eating dinner with Beatrice and Catherine. “Just remember, kid, you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave away”.

Why does Eddie call Catherine Madonna?

He nicknames her ‘Madonna’ which symbolises innocence and purity, but when she begins to fall in love with Beatrice’s cousin Rodolpho he starts calling her ‘Garbo’ which symbolises a sexual icon, Garbo was a celebrity with lots of sexual appeal. This shows his feelings progress and how he idealizes her.

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How old is Alfieri?

He is omniscient but not omnipotent . As Alfieri spent his first 25 years in Italy and is now in his fifties, he has experienced both ways of life but the extra years in America show that the balance has tipped towards the American way of life.

What does Mr Alfieri tell Eddie about his relationship with Catherine that he is not aware of?

When Eddie first comes to him for help, Alfieri tells him, “You have no recourse in the law” (1.546). There’s nothing illegal about Catherine and Rodolfo’s relationship. He advises Eddie to forget about it and let Catherine live her own life.

What does Alfieri advice Eddie do?

Alfieri’s office is once again lit on the stage. It is December 27 and Eddie has come once again to Alfieri’s office for advice. Again, Alferi tells Eddie he must let Catherine marry Rodolpho; the law cannot help him.

Why does Eddie kiss Catherine?

Eddie again insists that he kissed Rodolpho to prove Rodolpho’s homosexuality, though this is not entirely convincing. Alfieri is again caught in a position of powerlessness as an agent of the law. He emphasizes that Catherine is a free, independent person.

How does Miller use the character of Alfieri to introduce themes of the play?

Miller uses this ‘name’ theme during his play. He uses this play as an allegory to critique the evils of McCarthyism. Alfieri is the narrator of the story and is the lawyer in the story; he is also used as a foreshadowing device, hinting at the tragedy, which will unfold.

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What is Catherine’s relationship to Eddie and Beatrice?

Catherine. The niece of Eddie Carbone and Beatrice. Catherine is a beautiful, smart, young Italian girl who is very popular among the boys in the community. Catherine seeks approval from her uncle and struggles when Eddie does not approve of Rodolpho, the man she intends to marry.

How is Rodolpho presented in A View from the Bridge?

Rodolpho is a complex character and seems more a montage of conflicts to heighten the action of the play rather than a full person. Rodolpho is constructed as a foil for Eddie Carbone, but like the women of the play, he has little life of his own.

What is the relationship between Marco and Rodolpho?

Marco and Rodolpho have a fraternal bond. Marco is the older brother and tends to look out for Rodolpho. He is also proud of him.

How does Miller present Rodolpho?

Miller initially presents Rodolpho through the use of description, dialogue, stage directions, structure and punctuation. … Miller initially presents Rodolpho as a transgressive character through the use of dialogue.

How are Marco and Rodolpho related?

Beatrice’s cousin and brother to Rodolpho, Marco is married and has children back in Italy. He wants to work in America for a few years to raise money to send back to them. His pride is insulted by Eddie’s treatment of his brother, and as he is being arrested he spits on Eddie and curses his name.

What kind of man is Marco?

The husband of Rosie, Marco is a serious, studious, reticent scholar of ancient civilizations whose only passion is for his work.

Is Eddie in love with Catherine?

The relationship between Eddie and Catherine seems very normal at first. Eddie is an overprotective guardian of his niece. However, through the Eddie’s actions and various clues from other characters, Eddie’s romantic feelings toward Catherine are revealed.

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Is Catherine related to Eddie?

Catherine is Eddie’s niece, but he has raised her like a daughter, and she looks up to him as a kind of father figure.

Why did Marco and Rodolfo come to America?

Analysis. Marco has come to America to earn money which he sends home to his wife.

How many scenes are in a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge is structured in two acts. The action is held together by Alfieri’s narration, which explains events which happened in the past.

Why is Beatrice upset A View From the Bridge?

Beatrice is a bit jealous of Catherine’s relationship with Eddie. Beatrice tries to explain to her that she can’t be “throwing herself at him like when she was twelve”. Here we can see that after she talks to Eddie who is not willing to listen she turns to Catherine to try and explain it to her.

What do Mike and Louis say about Rodolpho that embarrasses Eddie?

Louis and Mike praise Eddie for keeping Marco and Rodolpho. They tell Eddie that Marco is a strong worker, but Rodolpho is a big joker on the ships.

Who killed Eddie in A View from the Bridge?


As Marco raises his foot, Eddie draws a knife and lunges again. Marco turns the knife and stabs Eddie. Eddie’s capacity for self-delusion continues even as he is dying in Beatrice’s arms. He says he has been wronged by Catherine and, therefore, by Rodolfo, Marco and even Beatrice.