What happened to filenes?

What happened to Filene’s Basement?

The last Filene’s Basement stores closed permanently on December 29, 2011. In 2012, private equity firm Trinity Place Holdings acquired by brand copyright to Filene’s Basement. In fall of 2015, Filene’s Basement was reopened exclusively as an online retailer.

Is Filene’s Basement online?

24 that “the Basement” will be available online at FilenesBasement.com, offering over a million items at the low prices shoppers used to expect from the original department stores.

When did Filenes Basement close in Boston?


Filene’s Basement closed its flagship store in 2007, after Macy’s shuttered the historic Filene’s Building in Downtown Crossing. The retailer continued to close stores until parent company Syms filed for bankrupcy in 2011.

Who bought Jordan Marsh?

Jordan Marsh

Industry Retail
Defunct 1996
Fate Bankruptcy, acquired by Macy’s
Successor Macy’s
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts Miami, Florida

When did Macy’s buy Filene’s?


Filene’s Department Store, the former flagship store at Downtown Crossing, Boston (2008)
Founder William Filene
Defunct September 9, 2006
Fate Acquisition
Successor Macy’s

Who owned building 19?

Founder Jerry Ellis said that the business had been “on a downhill slope for 10 years”, and attributed its failure to Internet competition, overseas manufacturing, and improved fire protection of warehouses.

Is there a Filene’s Basement in Chicago?

Filene’s has two locations in Illinois, both in Chicago, at 830 N. Michigan Avenue and 1 North State Street.

What happened to Syms clothing stores?

Syms Corp (styled as SYMS) was an off-price retail clothing store chain, founded by Sy Syms in 1958.
Syms Corporation.

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Type Defunct
Defunct 2011
Fate Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, followed by closure
Headquarters Secaucus, New Jersey , United States
Number of locations 55 Syms and Filene’s Basement

Did Jordan Marsh have a restaurant?

The Jordan Marsh Food Shop and Bakery was on the ground floor of the Annex.