What is a reinforced bath?

Trojancast is a substantial reinforcement process applied to an acrylic bath. This process gives the bath a green ‘flow coat’ which makes each bath being incredibly strong and hard-wearing.

Is it worth buying a reinforced bath?

Now, most baths tend to make from standard acrylic, but when it comes to a shower bath, we recommend using a reinforced acrylic. The reason for this is simple, your shower bath will be used more regularly than a normal bath, so naturally, it will need to be stronger.

What does a reinforced bath mean?

Heavy-duty reinforced acrylic baths are the most popular bath type in todays market. … Reinforced acrylic bath has similar strength properties but at a fraction of the cost, and weight, but are worm to the touch and have insulating properties helping to keep the bath water warmer for longer.

What is reinforced acrylic bath?

A reinforced acrylic bath has similar strength properties at a fraction of the cost (and weight!). Most are reinforced with layer upon layer of resin, fibreglass encapsulation and timber framework. We supply a wide range of heavy-duty baths from different brands that vary slightly in price and specification.

Which are the strongest baths?

ArmourCast baths use seven layers of resin-bonded fibreglass encapsulation, high quality extra-thick acrylic sheet, and timber reinforcing to create what is possibly the strongest bath available.

How thick is a reinforced bath?

Acrylic baths are manufactured from a sheet of acrylic that is typically 4, 5 or 8mm thick. They are then reinforced underneath, usually with a wooden or steel support frame and by placing a wooden baseboard in the centre of the bath.

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What is a Premiercast bath?

The premier finish is a surface that is added to the exterior of the bath, and offers additional strength and longevity to it. The strength of the Premier Finish is comparable to that of an old style cast iron bath, which gives you extra safety and security.

What is a Carronite bath?

What is Carronite? Carronite Baths feature a toughened, durable finishing layer. A patented manufacturing process, Carronite from Carron Bathrooms adds strength to a bath and additional finishing layers, therefore, keeping the water temperature higher for much longer.

What is the best bath thickness?

Most acrylic baths have a thickness of between 5-10mm. Double skinned acrylic baths are much more durable and will provide you with a reliable, robust product that will last longer as a result. Generally, baths that are at least 8mm thick are a good option to go for as they have less risk of cracking.

What is an encapsulated bath?

The thicker the bath does not mean the stronger the bath, the acrylic is there to hold the colour and maintain a waterproof barrier, the strength of the bath is a combination of the glass-reinforced plastic which is sprayed on the underside of the bath and the acrylic. … This is therefore an Encapsulated Bath.

Which bath material is best?


Acrylic. Acrylic is incredibly popular as a bath material, having become the material of choice because of its many beneficial properties. Not only does it have a natural warmth but it is also relatively inexpensive, incredibly resilient and easy to maintain, making it a firm favourite in busy households.

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What are the types of bath?

Popular types include:

  • Clawfoot and pedestal baths.
  • Recessed or alcove baths.
  • Free standing baths.
  • Corner baths.
  • Whirlpool baths.
  • Shower baths.
  • Steel baths.

How thick is a Carronite bath?

The best alternative to Carronite baths is the Carron 5 Bath that has a 5 mm thick reinforcement compared to the 10 mm thick reinforcement of the Carronite baths. Although this reinforcement is just about half as thick, the bath still maintains the high quality of a Carronite bath.

Can you repair Carronite baths?

Unlike other materials, some of which once spoilt cannot be fixed, Carronite is repairable.

How do you wash a Carronite bath?

Clean the bath thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Wipe away excess with a soft sponge or microfibre cloth. We recommend simply using a small amount of washing up liquid, or for more thorough cleaner, a product such as CIF Cream Cleaner.

Are Carron baths reinforced?

How does it work? Carronite™ baths are stronger and heavier than standard acrylic baths. The additional finishing layers crafted during the Carronite™ process create a uniquely reinforced product. The added weight requires a bespoke fitting system that only adds to the stability and rigid feel of our Carronite™ baths.

How much do Carronite baths weigh?

1700 x 750 x 430mm deep Weight: 33.50kg 240 litre capacity This bath has options for 5mm and Carronite finish. Comprehensive tests demonstrate that Carronite TM baths will retain heat for approximately 20 minutes longer than a standard bath. Carronite baths are demonstably stronger than standard acrylic baths.

What is ClearGreen bath?

ClearGreen Baths is an entirely new concept, manufactured by Clearwater, the Bradford based bath company. The ClearGreen brand is best known for reinforced baths that retain heat for longer. Their bath collection includes both standard and shower baths.

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