What is a shower diverter valve?

If you have a shower-tub combination in your bathroom, the shower diverter valve is what allows you to divert the water back and forth between the tub faucet and the showerhead. Though they are typically very simple devices, shower diverters may malfunction and need replacing once in a while.

What does a shower diverter look like?

The diverter looks like a pin pulled upward from the bathtub faucet spout. It’s possible that it may come in the form of a third handle or a button that needs to be pushed or pulled. Either way, when the valve is activated, it engages a rubber stopper, which causes the water to flow in a different direction.

Is a shower valve the same as a diverter?

While diverter valves and shower valves look similar to one another, they provide very different functions and are not interchangeable. The main difference between a diverter valve and a shower valve is that one turns the water on/off while the other directs the flow of water between fixtures.

How do you fix a shower diverter valve?

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And pulling up on the diverter. Knob once that comes off all of the parts will come loose. So we'll take a look inside the tub spout in a little bit but first let's check out the washer.

What’s the difference between a diverter shower and a mixer shower?

Diverter get concealed inside wall where the spout and the lever (knob) are different parts unlike wall mixer. Since all the functional parts get concealed in wall, there’s only an aluminum sheet with lever, spout and overhead shower visible. The spout of diverter is generally installed 18” from flooring.

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What causes shower diverter to leak?

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When you push it it releases that spring and this rubber gasket is supposed to position itself to the inner portion of the valve. Creating a watertight seal.

Is a diverter valve expensive?

The cost of a diverter valve can vary tremendously depending on the model of your boiler, but on average, they cost around £200, yet some manufacturers charge considerably more and do not include any labour costs.

Where is the shower diverter located?

Two-Valve Diverter: A two-valve diverter can either be located in the center of a single faucet that controls temperature, or it can be set between the taps of a two-tap faucet. Tee Diverter: This single valve diverter is located in the tub faucet. To activate the diverter, you pull up on the lever in the faucet.

How do you install a shower diverter?

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Okay so we're ready to do our shower diverter here and so the first step is getting your sconce or your plate.

Do all shower valves have cartridges?

Although you’ll find many variations on a theme out there, there are only a few basic shower valve cartridge types. The original style was called a compression faucet and had two handles: One for hot water and one for cold. Each faucet has a valve regulating water flow and an onboard washer to create a pressure seal.

Which one is better mixer or diverter?

Wall Diverter: Whereas the diverter units functional parts gets concealed inside the wall and only the lever, spout and overhead shower would be visible. The spout and the knob are different parts, unlike the wall mixer, hence look more compact and space efficient.

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What is the difference between a diverter valve and a transfer valve?

transfer valve. The main difference between a diverter and a transfer valve is how they direct the water supply. Diverters switch the flow of water between a tub and shower—either the showerhead or the tub faucet gets the water flow. Transfer valve sends water to multiple outlets at the same time.

What is a shower mixer diverter?

A shower diverter is a mixer that diverts the flow of water between two water outlets- from the bath spout to the shower head. This is perfect for when you have a shower above your bathtub which is a perfect space saving solution.

What is a 2 way shower diverter?

A two-valve diverter uses a rotating control for hot and cold, and a second control to divert water between the tub and the shower. A three-valve diverter allows individual adjustments of cold and hot water, plus a central knob to divert water between the tub and the shower.

Where is the diverter valve?

It’s usually a lever that’s situated behind the bath taps that you can pull up or push down. System and conventional boilers don’t require a diverter valve. This is because the hot water they produce is stored in a hot water cylinder.

How do you connect a diverter mixer?

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Piece attach the lever onto the cartridge anchor the set screw with an allen wrench attach caps onto the set screw. Holes you.

How do you replace a shower mixer diverter?

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Key put the plug in to ensure that nothing gets lost unscrew the shower hose. Unscrew the diverter knob this should be hand tight. Then insert the 12 millimeter hex key in the underside of the spout.

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How do you install a built in shower mixer?

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And also for your board and tiles. And to complement this system we're going to use an over bath spout. And we've got a mounting plate for that two here which will allow us to either put in a 3/4.