What is Hectograph ink?

What is hectograph ink?

The hectograph, gelatin duplicator or jellygraph is a printing process that involves transfer of an original, prepared with special inks, to a pan of gelatin or a gelatin pad pulled tight on a metal frame. While the original use of the technology has diminished, it has recently been revived for use in the art world.

How does hectograph work?

hectograph, direct-process duplicator using either gelatin or the spirit process for making a master copy. The gelatin process, now rarely used, requires the preparation of a special master paper upon which the copy to be duplicated is typed, written, or drawn with a special ink or ribbon.

How does an offset printer work?

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It is piled at the end of the press with a thin layer of powder separating each page so that the printed image can drive without marking the pages above.

How do you use a hectograph paper?

Using a hectograph pencil to ensure quality artwork, you simply draw your design on to the top layer. When it has copied through to the bottom sheet, you cut out the design and place it over the area to be tattooed. The skin should be prepared with a solution, known as stencil stay, before the paper is then applied.

What is a jelly pad?

What is a jelly pad? A jelly pad (gelatine hectograph) is an early duplicat- ing technology. It was used for printing images directly into students’ exercise books. Today photocopiers are used to copy stencils which are often pasted into exer- cise books.

What is a jelly print?

The simple explanation is that jelly printing is a form of mono-printing. It’s a really easy kind of printmaking that doesn’t need a press; just a printing plate that you make using gelatin powder, ink, roller and something to use as a stencil.

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What is monoprint printmaking?

The monoprint is a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once, unlike most printmaking which allows for multiple originals.

How does gel printing work?

Gelli Plate Printing uses a gelatin plate to press to fabric or paper. The process is easy as the paint is put on the gelli surface, spread out with a brayer then a variety of stencils and other textureal objects are placed on the gelli plate, removed and placed on the fabric.

How thick are gelli plates?

You can pour the mixture into any flat-bottomed tray, dish or bowl; creating plates of all sorts of shapes and sizes. My recommendation is to aim for a thickness of approx 8-10mm.

How long do homemade gelli plates last?

Now I’m sharing it with you! For “disposable” gelli plates (good for 2-4 weeks of fun) you’ll need: 1 box (4 packets) Knox Unflavored Gelatin. 1 cup water, divided.

How do you condition a gelli plate?

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And blot up the baby wipe. The chilli plate is infused with mineral oils so it does contain an oil I wouldn't put this on a wood surface or anything and.

What is gelli plate made of?

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Ones stay tuned for this recipe you're going to need one box of four packets of Knox unflavored gelatin one cup of water divided. And if you want to permanent plate 6 ounces of glycerin.

What kind of paint do you use for gelli prints?

acrylic paints

Gelli Arts recommends using acrylic paints when monoprinting with their plate. With regular acrylics you have to work fast, but you can slow the drying time by adding a retarder, acrylic glaze medium or Golden Open Medium to any acrylic paints.

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What can I use instead of a gel plate?

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Like you do on the jelly plate only without a jelly plate okay with things you probably already have in your craft room so first we're going to use this sheet of plastic.

Can you use Sharpie on gelli plate?

You can also use washable and permanent markers. When using permanent markers, the ink drys more quickly so you have to move quickly to pull the print. You have more time with washable markers – as they stay wet longer.

What can I do with a gelli plate?

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Paper scrap boot paper things like that. So here this is wrap our orange. And red marbled backgrounds and I've used this um to create a tag I've added some washi tape. These are some of the Tim Holtz.

How do you clean a gel press?

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When it's clean and you're gonna keep this information separate so that it doesn't stick okay.