What is squash scent?

Squash air freshener does not smell like a gourd, or a fruit for decorative purposes during the fall and winter months, it combines a full-bodied fresh and clean soapy scent with subtle citrus top notes and a candy finish.

What is the smell of squash?

Squash is not a singular scent, but encompasses a classification of scents that are fresh, citrusy, and slightly sweet.

What is Japanese squash scent?

Squash (A9 059010) scent which is described as sparkling cologne with fresh lime. The package contains one can of fragrance. They can be placed onto a safe, flat or level surface or within Air Spencer cantules (sold separately) which clip into the cars air vent system.

How long does csx3 last?

Love the way this air freshener smells but it’s a bit expensive. It’s supposed to last up to four weeks but it seemed to lose it’s smell far before the four week period as advertised.

What does Treefrog black squash smell like?

It has a sweet citrus scent and is a really mild, but refreshing scent.

What does a squash taste like?

A lot of people say butternut squash tastes like sweet potato due to the moist, sweet, and nutty flavor. Being slightly nutty, it definitely reminds of sweet potatoes in purees. However, it’s a bit softer than sweet potatoes.

What does marine squash smell like?

Ozone freshness with a hint of jasmine and vanilla, complex composition consisting of three notes that form a single bouquet revealing envelop your car a unique aroma reminiscent of the taste of soda, flavours of the sea breeze, warm winds of the Southern Seas and the minutes of happy days of rest.

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What is Sazan squash?

The combination of orange, lemon and lime and soda. Delicious aroma reminiscent of citrus and gum changes. SKU: A-28 Category: Air Spencer Cartridge Tags: citrus, squash.

How do I install air Spencer?

Quote from the video:
Make sure the pin is bent 90 degrees the bullseye in the preference bar is facing outwards freaking out take the blue bag that came up at Peapod put it on like a glove. And then flip the pin find.

Where does Air Spencer go in the car?

Quote from the video:
So you get to choose where you want to keep the freshener in the back or the front of the car. There is also the fact that you don't actually have to fiddle around with it too much.

How do you use an air Spencer cartridge?

It has 2 sides which can be opened like a can of tuna. It is recommended to open one side at first, then after sometime when the scent is wearing out, the second side can be opened to let the air through the can which helps to bring more scent out into the air of your car.