What is the game stump?

The goal of Stump is to flip a hammer in the air and then, in one motion, drive your opponents’ nails into a tree stump. If your nail gets hit, you take a drink. Straight out of Appalachia, it’s the most hillbilly way to consume alcohol aside from taking body shots off your sister.

How do you play the game stump?

The game is over when all nails but one are hammered into the stump cheers to the winner. Up until now stump was restricted to only wear a couple of strong people could carry the stop.

Where did the game Stump originate?

Pennsylvania, USA – Stump

Stump finds its roots in a German drinking game called Hammerschlagen, meaning “to hit with a hammer.” To play you need a hammer, a tree stump, nails, beer, and skillful aim.

What is the nail in the stump game?

Quote from the video:
During the game you can choose any nail other than your own to get you start out by having a game player take worn swing at any nail accepts his own the person wants to hit the nail solidly.

What are the rules of Hammerschlagen?

Hammerschlagen Rules©

  • Each player purchases a nail to start the game.
  • Men use one hand only, ladies have the option of using two hands.
  • Grip the hammer behind the red safety line.
  • Must use wedge end of the hammer to strike the nail.
  • Wedge end of the hammer must be on the wood and touching the nail to start.

How do you make Hammerschlagen?

Quote from the video:
Some game variants use a cross peen hammer to make it more difficult i recommend using cut masonry nails instead of wire nails since they don't bend as easily.

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What kind of nails do you use for Hammerschlagen?

Generally, the Hammer-Schlagen® Stump uses 16d common bright nails with a 3-pound hammer and plains cottonwood (which is Minnesota’s largest diameter tree).

How old is Hammerschlagen?

Hammerschlagen is a German game reportedly dating from 1940,] in which several contestants try to hammer a nail into a stump. Hammerschlagen (“Hammer-Striking”) is a variation of Nailspielen (“Nail Game” or “Playing With Nails”).

How do you play a Stump nail?

Quote from the video:
When it's your turn you must flip the hammer and catch it in order to hit the nail. If the player drops the hammer it's the next person's turn when a player's nail is hit slightly in they must drink.

Where did Hammerschlagen come from?

The game, regularly played while drinking, is sometimes mistakenly thought to have originated in Germany in the 1800s. But hammerschlagen was created by Carl Schoene, who emigrated from Germany to Minnesota with his parents in 1957. Schoene originally called the game Nagelspiel, after a children’s toy in Germany.