What is the molecular weight of xylene?

What is xylene used for?

It is primarily used as a solvent (a liquid that can dissolve other substances) in the printing, rubber, and leather industries. Along with other solvents, xylene is also widely used as a cleaning agent, a thinner for paint, and in varnishes.

Is xylol and xylene the same thing?

Toluene and Xylene

Toluene, nicknamed “toluol,” and xylene, nicknamed “xylol,” are the strong, smelly, fast evaporating and “dry” parts of mineral spirits and naphtha.

What is the density of xylene?


o-Xylene m-Xylene
Density (25°C): 0.87596 g/ml 0.85990 g/ml
Vapor density (air=1): 3.7 3.7
Flash point (closed cup): 17.2°C 25°C
Vapor pressure (25°C, 760 mm Hg): 6.6 8.39

Is o-xylene the same as xylene?

O-xylene is a xylene substituted by methyl groups at positions 1 and 2. Commercial or mixed xylene usually contains about 40-65% m-xylene and up to 20% each of o-xylene and p-xylene and ethylbenzene.

Is xylene heavier than air?

Xylene vapor is heavier than air and may cause asphyxiation in enclosed, poorly ventilated, or low-lying areas. in the same location because of their short stature and the higher levels of xylene vapor found nearer to the ground.

Is xylene an aromatic?

Xylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon known for its wide usage in tissue processing, staining and cover slipping in the histology laboratory.

What does xylene do to concrete?

The Xylene will quickly open the sealer up and allow the moisture to escape, causing the sealer to dry a clear color. You likely won’t need to apply any more sealer to areas that are just sprayed.

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What compound is o-xylene?

o-Xylene (ortho-xylene) is an aromatic hydrocarbon with the formula C6H4(CH3)2. with two methyl substituents bonded to adjacent carbon atoms of a benzene ring (the ortho configuration).

What is the refractive index of xylene?


Refractive index (nD) 1.49582
Viscosity 0.7385 cP at 0 °C 0.6475 cP at 20 °C
Dipole moment 0.00 D

Is xylene the same as acetone?

Xylene is an organic compound having the chemical formula (CH3)2C6H4 while Acetone is an organic compound having the chemical formula (CH3)2CO. The key difference between xylene and acetone is that xylene is a cheap and less toxic solvent, whereas acetone is an expensive and more toxic solvent.

What does xylene dissolve?

In keeping with the general rule of thumb that like dissolves like, however, xylene is very good at dissolving other oily compounds that are poorly soluble in water. This makes it an excellent solvent for hydrocarbons and many hydrophobic or water-insoluble compounds like greases and various pesticides and herbicides.

Can I use xylene to thin polyurethane?

Thinning. Xylol paint thinner can be used for oil-based paints or stains, lacquers, polyurethanes, epoxies, oil finishes, enamels, varnishes and alkyd resins — but only when the coating manufacturer recommends it as an approved thinner.

What is the strongest solvent?

As per the general information floating around in the web and the details given in some of the books water is the strongest solvent amongst others. It is also sometimes called the “universal solvent” as it can basically dissolve most of the substances than any other liquid. Water is a good solvent due to its polarity.

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What is the most polar solvent?


Solvent Snyder Polarity ε
Water 9.0 80.10
Methanol 6.6 33.0
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) 6.5 47.24
Dimethylformamide 6.4 38.25

What is polar solvent?

Polar solvent is a type of solvent that has large partial charges or dipole moments. The bonds between the atoms have very different but measurable electronegativities. A polar solvent can dissolve ions and other polar compounds.

What is the universal solvent?

Water, the Universal Solvent.

What is the solvent in a cup of milk?

Water is the solvent in a cup of milk.

Why is water called water?

The word “water” comes from the Old English word wæter or from the Proto-Germanic watar or German Wasser. All of these words mean “water” or “wet.”

What is the solute in rubbing alcohol?

Ethanol is the solvent and water is the solute.

What is the solvent of 30% ethanol?

The solute is ethanol while the solvent is water.

The solvent is the component that has the largest amount while the solute is always less in amount…

What is the solvent in 18 karat gold?

Figure 5 Yellow gold is a solid solution of solutes (silver and copper) in a solvent (gold).

What is the solvent of alcohol?

Solvent. Ethanol is considered a universal solvent, as its molecular structure allows for the dissolving of both polar, hydrophilic and nonpolar, hydrophobic compounds.

Can you drink propanol?

Drinking 1-propanol can cause central nervous system depression that can be fatal. Symptoms of 1-propanol exposure can include confusion, decreased consciousness, and slowed pulse and breathing. People with these symptoms should get immediate medical care.

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Why is it called isopropyl?

Quote from the video:
One methyl ethyl or. You can use the shortcut for this name which is isopropyl. The prefix ISO or isomer tells you that we have the same molecular formula as a propyl substituent.