What is the purpose of a fingertip towel?

A fingertip towel is a small-sized towel providing an easy convenience to dry hands and ‘fingertips’ quickly. It is smaller than a hand towel, yet larger than a wash cloth.

What is the point of a fingertip towel?

As guest towels: The fingertip towel is common in bathrooms as a guest hand towel. Their small size makes them ideal for drying hands after washing up. Finger towels used in this way often hang on the bathroom towel bar, or sit neatly folded in a basket by the sink.

How do you display fingertip towels in the bathroom?

Guest Bathrooms

Place a basket full of fingertip towels near your sink so guests can use a fresh towel after each hand wash. These can be displayed by simply rolling them into a circular shape or folding them neatly into more intricate shapes for added decoration.

What is the difference between a hand towel and a guest towel?

Guest Towels

This towel is smaller than a hand towel and is used for drying hands in the bathroom. They are ideal for a powder room or a guest bathroom and are typically sold in sets of two.

What are guest towels used for?

Guest towels are towels which have been designated for use by guests. Many people like to keep them so that their visitors can have fresh, clean towels for bathing, hand washing, and other tasks.

Is it OK to put towel bar over toilet?

Putting the towel back up on the towel bar. So they would need to put the toilet lid down stand up on the toilet lid and possibly the toilet tank depending upon how small they are.

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Where do you put wet towels after shower?

Here are 5 ways to make more towel space, and make sure you know where to hang wet towels after a shower.

  1. A Towel Ladder Rack. …
  2. Over the Toilet Towel Rack. …
  3. Over the Door Towel Rack. …
  4. Freestanding Towel Rack. …
  5. Wall Mounted Towel Rack.

How do you make a hand towel bib?

Find the center point by folding the towel in half lengthwise. Cut six inches up the center of the towel. Then draw a circle at the top of the straight cut it almost looks like a lollipop.