What is U tile?

Utile by MAAX is an innovative shower wall solution that comes in a range of rich colors, deep textures and stylish patterns that look like tile, yet installs easily in just 1 day.

What is utile made of?

Utile walls are made of polymer and reinforced layers to create solid, 100% waterproof one-piece panels that offer the texture of tile and grout lines, without the hassle and cleaning effort that is required for real tile.

Where is MAAX utile made?

Proudly made in USA and Canada

For more than 50 years, MAAX has taken pride and satisfaction in being a North American manufacturer.

How do I clean my utile shower?

Non-abrasive cleaning sprays or cream-based cleaning agents should be used to clean Utile with a chamois, soft cloth or sponge. Never use abrasive cleaning products, scrapers, metal brushes, cleaning erasers or anything that could scratch or dull the surface of the Utile panels.

Can shower surround go over tile?

Tub surrounds can sometimes be installed over existing tile, but only when conditions are right. The old tile area needs to be smaller than the kit and you’ll need to build up the surrounding wall to the level of the tile, usually with 1/4-in. … You may even have to break each tile and pry off the pieces.

What type of wood is utile?

Mahogany alternative

Utile is probably the Genuine Mahogany alternative that most closely resembles the wood which it is so often used to replace. timbi, assang-assie, m’vovo, tshimai rouge/noir, ogipogo and ubilesan. Reddish-brown and extremely resistant.

What is NexTile?

NexTile by MAAX is an innovative tub shower wall solution with a subway tile look and a built-in storage niche that installs quickly and easily by one person making it money and time saving!

Is MAAX a Canadian company?

We are proud of the impact we’ve had on the industry as a North American manufacturer, with plants across Canada and the United States.

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Who makes MAAX?

American Bath Group

Today, MAAX, part of American Bath Group (ABG), has eight production facilities in North America, of which four are located in Canada, and employs nearly 1,400 people, including 630 in Québec.

Which bathtubs are made in USA?

MTI Hydrotherapy Systems, including whirlpool systems, air baths and all combination systems are manufactured in the USA. 70% of the cost of these products is USA labor and USA-made materials.

Can you put wet wall on top of tiles?

Can you put bathroom wall panels over tiles? Yes, you can install wall panels over your existing tiles. There’s no need to remove your tiles, just slot them in place and your bathroom refresh is underway!

What do you put around a bathtub?

For caulking around a bathtub, Tom recommends using anything that is 100% silicone. In the segment, he used 100% Silicone Sealant in White, which is manufactured by Gorilla Glue.

How do you hide old shower walls?

How To Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles [5 Easy Ways!]

  1. Paint them with waterproof paint, such as epoxy.
  2. Cover them with a shower curtain liner.
  3. Install a shower liner or surround kit.
  4. Apply wall stickers that can be used in a high-humidity environment.
  5. Attach beadboard panels painted with waterproof paint.

How much does it cost for a tiled shower?

According to estimates from The Home Depot, the average cost to tile a shower is $1,500 based on this breakdown: Tile cost: $2 per square foot. Setting materials: $1.37 per square foot. Installation: $8 per square foot.

How do I install utile shower walls?

Make sure the structure is fully level and square and that the studs are plumbed before installing the base. When using a level make sure the bubble is perfectly centered. If your base uses styrofoam.

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How do you attach a stud to a shower wall?

Quote from the video:
Set the back panel of the shower enclosure in place making sure that it seats properly on the shower pan screw the top of the panel into the stud.

How do you install a MAAX shower?

Quote from the video:
Level the base and place it. Use the wedges behind the fastening tab if needed screw the base to the uprights of the supporting. Frame.

How do you finish MAAX utile?

Quote from the video:
And that's going to be to use some kerdi-band with thinset to waterproof this whole corner. Here. So your kerdi-band is about five inches wide.

Does drywall go over tub flange?

You can bring sheetrock right down to the flange just like in the picture as long as you aren’t going to tile over it. I would suggest using sheetrock over backer board on surfaces which you intend to paint.

How do you level a Maax shower base?

Quote from the video:
Both front to back and also side to side shims can also be used for out of plumb walls pre-drill the flange and fasten the unit to the wall structure.

How do you fill the gap between shower surround and drywall?

Quote from the video:
Everything needs something to bond to mix up some 20-minute speed set joint compound. And press it into the gap keeping it flush with the drywall.

Should I caulk between shower and drywall?

Shower stalls usually have a flange that gets nailed to the studs, and its outer edge gets covered when you install drywall. This leaves a gap between the edge of the drywall and the stall that you have to fill with silicone caulk, using a caulking gun.

Can you tile over drywall in a shower?

The bottom line is that drywall (and this includes moisture resistant drywall) should never be used behind tile in wet areas (showers and tub-shower combinations).

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Do you put sheetrock behind shower walls?

Quote from the video:
I do this behind the enclosure all the way up to get myself a nice level wall. And it works perfect and I get no water penetration ever in my bathtubs.

What is purple drywall?

PURPLE XP® is a specially treated, mold- and fire-resistant paper-faced gypsum board that provides Xtra Protection (XP) against mold and mildew compared to standard gypsum board. The XP gypsum core is encased in heavy, mold-, mildew- and moisture-resistant, 100% recycled PURPLE paper on the face.

Should you put plastic behind shower walls?

They are required beneath your shower pan and behind your shower walls. Moisture barriers can be made of polyethylene or a membrane that is rolled directly onto the drywall. No matter what they are made of, without them, your shower is subject to moisture damage.

How do you install waterproof membrane in shower?

Quote from the video:
Now if you want to just grab this corner for me bury. And hold it right up there tight to the seal. Pull it up here just lay it right on top of that let it come down nice and easy.

How do I waterproof my shower walls before tiling?

Quote from the video:
Without any pinholes or voids ensure a continuous film and allow it to fully cure between coats a fiberglass mesh tape should be embedded on the drain transition.

Do you need to waterproof shower walls before tiling?

You should waterproof all the shower walls before tiling. A tile backer or cement board is typically not waterproof, albeit many are water-resistant. The most effective and reliable solution is a separate waterproofing membrane on primed shower walls before tiling.