What is wet set PVC cement?

Harvey™ Wet Set PVC Cement is a medium-bodied, very fast-setting hot blue cement formulated for use in wet conditions on all schedules and classes of PVC pipe and fittings up to 6 in. diameter with interference fit.

What is wet set PVC cement used for?

Hercules® Wet Set PVC Medium Body Fast Set Aqua Blue Cement is recommended for irrigation, pool, potable water, pressure pipe and DWV applications. It’s hot formulation is ideal for use in very wet conditions or where quick pressurization is required.

What are the different types of PVC cement?

Types of PVC Cement

  • PVC Cement.
  • CPVC Cement.
  • ABS Cement.
  • Transitional Cement.
  • Colored Cement Labels.

What is the difference between PVC cement?

What are the differences between CPVC and PVC? The main difference between CPVC and PVC is the range of temperatures each is capable of withstanding. CPVC can handle temperatures up to 200° Fahrenheit, while PVC peaks at 140° Fahrenheit.

Is PVC cement the same as PVC glue?

‘PVC glue’ is also referred to as PVC cement or solvent cement, the official term for the product. There are solvent cements for a wide range of pipe materials, including CPVC, but the substance will only create an effective bond when used on the matching material type.

What’s the best PVC cement?

The 4 Best PVC Glue and PVC Cement are:

  • Oatey PVC Regular Cement (An affordable, easy to use, durable & fast drying PVC Cement)
  • Weld-On Industrial Grade PVC Cement (Best suited for industrial application to handle large pipes, weight & pressure)
  • Gorilla Clear PVC Glue (A low scent and very safe PVC glue)
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Can you mix black and white PVC pipe?

The Best Way to Joint PVC and ABS Plastic Pipe

If you’re plumbing in a new drain or vent and have to join two different kinds of plastic pipe, black ABS and white PVC, don’t assume that you can simply glue them together. Most plumbing codes don’t allow ABS pipe to be solvent-welded (glued) to PVC.

Can PVC cement be used without primer?

Usually PVC jobs require about half the amount of primer as they do cement. In short, primer is your friend. It may not be completely necessary on all jobs, but we recommend you take all the precautions available to ensure your joints are leak-free and as strong as possible.

What happens if you use CPVC glue on PVC?

A: Yes. CPVC solvent cement technically will work on PVC piping. However, we recommend that the correct Weld-On primer and PVC solvent cement for the particular application should be used. Please note that PVC solvent cement, because of temperature limitations, is not recommended for CPVC piping.

What is the best glue for Schedule 40 PVC?

PVC Home Repair Users

For home repairs and small plumbing projects we recommend using an Oatey brand PVC cement. Oatey is very easy to find at the local home improvement store. Both the big box stores carry it in various types.

Can oatey CPVC cement be used on PVC?

This milky-clear, low VOC, all-purpose cement can be used to solvent weld all schedules and classes of ABS, PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings up to 6 in. diameter with interference fit. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professionals for over 100 years.

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Can you glue wet PVC pipe?

It’s quick to bond PVC pipe and fittings, helping you be more efficient and increase jobsite productivity. The Red Hot Blue Glue works in wet, dry or humid conditions and can be used without a primer (where codes permit). Weld-On® 705™ PVC cement is a high-strength formula.