When did faking it end?

Did Faking It get Cancelled?

The MTV series “Faking It” is being cancelled after just three seasons.

Is there a Faking It Season 4?

The Faking It TV show on MTV has been cancelled after three seasons. The third season finale, on Tuesday May 17, 2016, will also serve as the Faking It TV series finale.

How Faking It would have ended?

Eventually, they would both realize they’d have to sacrifice their relationship to save their friendship. The series would have ended with Karma and Amy’s life goals intact: roommates in college, houses next door to each other, best friends forever.

Does karma fall for Amy?

Seeing how unhappy her BFF is, Karma puts her feelings aside and helps Sabrina apologise and explain that while she’d started out faking it, she had actually developed feelings for Amy. Moved, Amy forgives her and the pair kiss and make up just in time for the clock to strike midnight.

How many seasons of Faking It is there?

MTV will not be going back to Hester High. The Viacom-owned cable network has opted to end scripted comedy series Faking It after three seasons, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The Carter Covington comedy’s May 17 season three finale will now serve as a series finale.

Does Netflix have Faking It?

Faking it is making it. For A Good Time Call is now on Netflix.

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