Where does the Pardoner’s Tale begin?

The Pardoner rides in the very back of the party in the General Prologue and is fittingly the most marginalized character in the company. His profession is somewhat dubious—pardoners offered indulgences, or previously written pardons for particular sins, to people who repented of the sin they had committed.

Where does the Pardoner come from?

A Pardoner is someone who travels about the countryside selling official church pardons. These were probably actual pieces of paper with a bishop’s signature on them, entitling the bearer to forgiveness for their sins.

Where does the Pardoner’s tale take place?


The tale is set in Flanders at an indeterminate time, and opens with three young men drinking, gambling and blaspheming in a tavern. The Pardoner condemns each of these “tavern sins” in turn—gluttony, drinking, gambling, and swearing—with support from the Christian scriptures, before proceeding with the tale.

Where is the Pardoner from in the Canterbury Tales?


He tries to sell pardons and relics to the pilgrims, never mind the fact that he’s already confessed his stuff is fake—he’s a real salesman. The Pardoner’s actual Tale takes place in Flanders, in Belgium. It begins in a tavern which, no surprise, is a hotbed of all kinds of vices and lechery.

What does the Pardoner do exactly?

Why does the Pardoner preach? Solely to get money; not to correct sin; also by preaching, the Pardoner can get back at anyone who has offended him or his brethren. What makes the Pardoner so hypocritical? He preaches about the evil sin of greed even though his whole character is defined by avarice.

Who is the Pardoner in the Pardoner’s Tale?

The Pardoner describes a group of young Flemish people who spend their time drinking and reveling, indulging in all forms of excess. After commenting on their lifestyle of debauchery, the Pardoner enters into a tirade against the vices that they practice.

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Who was the Summoner in Canterbury Tales?

The Summoner is another supposedly devout religious figure who is actually a hypocrite. In medieval society, summoners brought people to the ecclesiastical court to confess their sins. He has a disgusting skin disease that makes his face pimpled and scaly.

How is the Pardoner described in The Canterbury Tales?

Chaucer’s Pardoner is a highly untrustworthy character. He sings a ballad—“Com hider, love, to me!” (General Prologue, 672)—with the hypocritical Summoner, undermining the already challenged virtue of his profession as one who works for the Church.

What type of story is the Pardoner’s tale?

It’s a morality story he preaches when he’s trying to convince people to hand over their money in exchange for pardon. Like those medieval morality plays we just mentioned, in the Pardoner’s Tale the characters are allegorical, meaning that they represent abstract concepts rather than real characters.

What does the Pardoner look like?

He is depicted as smooth, delicate, lady-like and honey-tongued, duplicitous in his supposedly holy dealings, extremely rich from his deceitful profession and as a man whose very being is totally incongruous with his career as a servant of the Church.

How does the Pardoner behave in church?

How does he behave in church? In church, he is ” a novel eccleasiast,” a who read a lessons or tells a story well. He at like his a good Christian. Why does he try to sing so well?

How does the Pardoner earn his living?

How does the Pardoner earn his living? by taking money to “forgive sins”, he also sells religious trinkets, that are fake.

What is a Pardoner in The Canterbury Tales quizlet?

STUDY. What is a pardoner? A person liscensed by the church to grant indulgences.

How is the Pardoner different from the parson in the Canterbury Tales?

A notable difference between the two characters lies in what they share with the group. The Pardoner tells a cautionary tale, which both warns against sin and offers hope for absolution. The Parson’s sermon, however, is a prediction of fate for the sinning travelers, not just a warning.

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What are a few characteristics of the Pardoner?

The Pardoner has long, greasy, yellow hair and is beardless. These characteristics were associated with shiftiness and gender ambiguity in Chaucer’s time. The Pardoner also has a gift for singing and preaching whenever he finds himself inside a church.

What did a Pardoner do in medieval times?

A person who was licensed to sell papal pardons or indulgences; in the Middle Ages, pardoners such as the character in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales were often represented as figures of dubious moral probity.

Why does the Pardoner wear a hood?

The Chaucer’s Pardoner goes through the appearance of absolving people from their sins and deceiving people in this way was a sin. Clothing, especially for clerics was more uniform than now,the wearing of hoods was a part of a cleric’s ordinary dress.

What is ironic about the Pardoner?

The Irony in The Pardoners tale The Pardoners Tale is ironic due to the fact that “Radit malorum est cupiditas” (Chaucer line 8) means the love of money is the root of all evil. The tale is about the pardoner who is full of evil exploiting people with fake junk to receive money.

Did Pardoner’s wear hoods?

Clothing, especially for clerics, was more uniform than now: the wearing of hoods was part of a cleric’s ordinary dress. The Pardoner’s lack of a hood (though he does wear a skullcap) was unorthodox, as was his long hair. His glaring eyes might have suggested a lustful nature.

What does the wife of Bath look like?

The Wife of Bath’s physical description is presented in Chaucer’s General Prologue. Chaucer details her appearance, writing, “Bold was her face, handsome, and red in hue” (15). Chaucer also notes that “She had gap-teeth, set widely [apart]…”, and very large hips.

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What did Pardoner’s wear?

The Pardoner wears a long tunic usually tied around the waist made of some rich fabric. He also holds a cross.

What does the Pardoner’s voice sound like?

Pardons. What does the Pardoner’s voice sound like? A small voice.

What does the Wife of Bath wear on her head?

In “The General Prologue,” Chaucer describes the Wife of Bath as a deaf, gap-toothed woman. She has a bold face and wears ten pounds of “coverchiefs” and a hat on her head (Chaucer 91).

How many husbands has the Wife of Bath had?

five husbands

The Wife of Bath begins the Prologue to her tale by establishing herself as an authority on marriage, due to her extensive personal experience with the institution. Since her first marriage at the tender age of twelve, she has had five husbands.

What physical disability does the Wife of Bath have?

The Wife of Bath’s deafness is one of her most prominent characteristics. Not only is it the first thing which Chaucer describes about her in the General Prologue, but the whole of the Wife’s own prologue builds toward and ultimately concludes with the Wife’s story of how she was struck deaf by her husband Jankyn.

How did the Wife of Bath get deaf in one ear?

One evening, out of frustration, the Wife tears three pages out of the book and punches Jankyn in the face. Jankyn repays her by striking her on the head, which is the reason, she explains in line 636, that she is now deaf in one ear.

What crime does the knight in The wife’s tale commit?

raped a

Summary: In the Wife of Bath’s tale, the Knight has raped a young maiden. His punishment for doing so is death; he is to have his head cut off.