Where is Q Quartz manufactured?

Q Premium Natural Quartz is manufactured using internationally patented Bretonstone® system of Breton S.p.A., Italy, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing systems across the globe.

Is MSI Q quartz made in China?

MSI’s Domestic Quartz Manufacturing facility is a 360,000 square foot plant, based in Latta, South Carolina. This plant produces the next generation of innovative quartz colors and designs using highly automated, most advanced state-of-the-art machinery.

Who makes Q quartz?


Q Premium Natural Quartz is a leading-edge collection of unique and innovative countertop solutions from MSI, an esteemed family-owned multi-surface company and the number one importer of quartz slabs in the United States.

Which quartz countertops are made in the USA?

Cambria is the only brand that is wholly manufactured in the United States.

Is MSI Q quartz good?

MSI quartz is inherently heat-resistant, which makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen. In fact, with normal use, you’ll find that quartz holds up just as well against the heat as its natural stone counterparts.

Where is spectrum quartz manufactured?

South Carolina

A combination of style and durability unparalleled by any other surface, Spectrum Quartz is crafted domestically in South Carolina and overseas using only the finest materials and state of the art manufacturing equipment. Each Spectrum Quartz design is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Is quartz from China good quality?

China’s standards differ from the US, and as such, the chemicals used during production may not be the safest. One example of this we’ve seen reported is that Chinese Quartz Countertops may emit a smell for the first year or so in your home due to excess chemicals used during production in China.

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What is Q quartz made of?

Q is a natural quartz surface made by an optimal fusion of quartz and resin materials is made from over 94% natural quartz. Q is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and is offered in an array of modern colors providing a beautiful and discerning countertop solution for Homeowners, Architects, and Designers alike.

Who makes Glacier white quartz?

Macostone International Industry Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of artificial quartz stone in China. For more information, contact me on WhatsApp: +86…

Where is Lucent quartz from?

434 North Rivermede Road, Concord, ON

Lucent Quartz of 434 North Rivermede Road, Concord, ON, will warrant from the original date of installation, material that fails due to any manufacturing defect when fabricated and installed by a Lucent Quartz -authorized fabricator.

Which is better caesarstone or MSI?

Caesarstone boasts hard edges and vivid cuts and colors while MSI is more focused on elegant designs. Quartz countertops for bathrooms are becoming more and more popular due to their easy maintenance and luxurious appearance.

Is MSI quartz NSF certified?

MSI backs Q Premium Quartz with a Limited Residential Warranty and a 10-year Commercial Warranty. Safe for your family. It’s Green Guard Gold, LEED, NSF, and Kosher certified and a member of the US Green Building Council. It’s non-toxic and has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

What percentage of quartz is in MSI quartz?

Beautiful and Durable Q is naturally beautiful yet incredibly durable. Q is comprised of 93% quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals. When tested against all other popular countertop surfaces, Quartz surfacing holds the title of number one performing countertop material.

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How expensive is MSI quartz?

The top-quality quartz cost is about $70 to $100 per square foot. MSI Q Naturals are priced at the premium end, at $70 to $100 per square foot.

How big are MSI quartz slabs?

Available Sizes:

Standard – 120 inch x 63 inch. Jumbo XL – 138 inch x 78 inch.

Does MSI quartz come in jumbo slabs?

Calacatta Ultra quartz has exceptionally big slab size 136″ x 76″ making it possible to get a much better yield out of the slabs. Having the super jumbo slabs also makes it possible to make your island countertop bigger size without having any seams in it.

Does MSI quartz use Breton technology?

MSI offers a Residential Limited Lifetime Warranty. Their Premium Natural Quartz is manufactured using internationally patented Bretonstone® system of Breton S.p.A., Italy, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing systems across the globe.

What quartz comes in jumbo slabs?

Ideal for surfaces like islands and wall panels, the oversized slabs beautifully fill grand spaces and do so with minimal seaming. The classically durable, nonporous, heat/stain/scratch resistant Caesarstone quartz surface is available in impressive 64½” x 131½” slabs and several edge profile choices.

Who makes largest quartz slab?

Daltile’s new American Reserve ‘Historic’ and American Reserve ‘National Marble’ collections are extra-large 136”x79” quartz slabs, the largest in the world.

Who makes super jumbo quartz slabs?

Cambria Quartz is introducing new Jumbo Sized Slabs in its ongoing effort in order to innovate, improve and meet their clients’ needs. New jumbo-size slabs allow you to maximize every inch of your space, eliminate the need for multiple seams and optimize your design capabilities for a budget-friendly, high-end look.

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Does Silestone make jumbo slabs?

Silestone offers two slabs sizes: Standard – 55 inches by 120 inches and Jumbo – 63 inches by 128 inches.

Who makes Miami white quartz?

Cosentino, Silestone’s parent brand, is the largest manufacturer of quartz globally, with bases around the world. Silestone Miami white comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years. This is valid upon product registration at Silestone’s website.

Who makes calacatta gold quartz?


Calacatta Gold By Silestone is the perfect countertop for pulling together the unique design elements into one cohesive interior.