Where is RiverStone quartz manufactured?

Yes, because Riverstone IS another quartz countertop, although they don’t advertise it as such. It’s HanStone, which is one of the major quartz makers. The slabs are manufactured by Hanwha in London, Ontario, where HanStone is made for the North American market.

Who makes RiverStone quartz countertops?

allen + roth River Stone Quartz Off-white Kitchen Countertop Sample (4-in x 4-in)

Is RiverStone quartz good quality?

RiverStone Quartz surfaces are low maintenance and do not require sealing, conditioning or polishing. Its lustrous finish will endure for years. RiverStone has superior scratch, impact and stain resistance when compared to other surfaces like granite.

What quartz countertops are made in the USA?

Cambria is the only brand that is wholly manufactured in the United States.

Are quartz countertops made in China?

That may include choosing an off-brand Countertop Material to save a little on cost. Little did you know, that off-brand Quartz Countertop was made in China, and can have a whole host of issues. In this article, we review the common issues that can arise when using a Chinese Quartz Product for your Countertops.

How thick is RiverStone quartz countertops?

The thickness of RiverStone Quartz™ slabs is 2cm (. 79”) and 3cm (1.18”) with an allowable variance of +/-2mm (. 07”).

How thick is Menards quartz?

WHAT QUARTZ THICKNESSES ARE AVAILABLE? Midwest Manufacturing and Menards offer 2cm (. 79″) material used for backsplash and 3cm (1.18″) material for countertop with an allowable variance of +/-2mm (.

Who makes Bella Carrara quartz?

RiverStone Quartz – Bella Carrara – All Countertops & Laminate at Menards®

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Will Menards cut countertops?

Bring the drawing with your measurements to your local Menards store where a designer will create your countertop. Using our computerized.